We all get older but I am sure I am not alone in worrying about the ever growing numbers reported as suffering from various forms of dementia. The need to write shopping lists to avoid standing in the supermarket having no idea what I came in for and the frustration at forgetting what I went upstairs for are more common place in our house than in years gone by. What makes it worse is that on hearing ‘Nothings Gonna Change my love for you’ by Glenn Medeiros on the radio, I knew every single word. I can’t believe that I could or that I have just admitted it!!! Anyway I decided that perhaps I should start researching what we can do to help prevent things from getting worse and my current overload developing into something more worrying. There were no big surprises in the advice that I found.

5 actions to boost brain health

  1. Eat Well – Opt for a whole food diet that is low in sugar, salt and processed food. Our brains thrive on vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains and healthy fats.
  2. Be Active – A healthy lifestyle needs to incorporate regular movement. In fact we need to move every hour during the day. Regular exercise increases both the number of brain cells and the connections between them.
  3. Relax. Chronic stress puts the brain in a high state of inflammation which can cause structural damage and hinder its ability to clear harmful waste. You can manage stress with yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Being part of a strong community makes an amazing difference.
  4. Restore. Sleep is essential for good health and particularly for our cognitive function.
  5. Challenge yourself and engage with others. Challenging and engaging your brain with music, puzzles and reading can help to keep you sharp. Social support, meaningful and regular engagement have an influence on the speed at which your brain ages.

So there you are – 5 steps that you can take to promote your brain health. Of course the reality is that doing all of those things will help to promote good overall health. I spend my time encouraging everyone to move more and to move well. We regularly talk about eating well and challenging yourself. Recovery is a regular blog topic as is the need to take good care of yourself.

I know that most of you know exactly what you should be doing. We all have the best of intentions and periodically decide to get fit and watch what we eat. What I would like to see is for the focus to change and for us to think primarily about what we can do to be healthy. Think about what you need to do now that will give you the best chance of being fit and healthy for many years to come. It is about so much more than wearing a bikini or the little black dress. And that is why I do what I do.

Joining the fit4evermore community

fit4evermore is exactly what it says – it is about creating a healthy lifestyle that will help you to be ‘fit4evermore.’ There are 3 steps that you can take to be part of the supportive fit4evermore community.

  • Follow this link to sign up for my free Challenge series that will help you to get moving whatever your fitness level
  • Register for my regular blog to ensure that you get as much help, advice and support throughout your journey as you can
  • Make sure that you have connected with fit4evermore on Social Media. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with details of all the opportunities to work with fit4evermore

I would love to hear your thoughts and any tips and advice you have to share that would help others too. Please share with friends and family and make sure that you look at all the existing blog posts on the fit4evermore website.

Clare x

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