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Welcome to fit4evermore. I am passionate about helping you to get stronger, healthier and happier. There are options to get you fitter that you can follow at home and to work with me if you are based near Stewarton. You can improve your energy levels and shrink your waistline with my ‘Take Control of Sugar’ plans. Make sure that you sign up for my blog to receive updates, offers and motivation to keep you on track. You will also find the link to like my FaceBook page below where you can get involved in regular challenges and share ideas too. I would love to hear from you and to help you to get more active and feel great!

FitPack is here!!!!

This is what you have been waiting for. An easy to follow exercise plan that you can do at home, in the park or in your hotel room. If you are sick of trying classes that make you feel self conscious, have no idea where to start in the gym and lack the motivation to exercise by yourself then this is the plan for you. There are videos so we do the workouts together, you work at your own pace and will quickly see improvements. There are 5 elements to the plan so there is plenty to keep you challenged. No more guesswork, feeling awkward or losing motivation. You get access to my expertise and years of experience with a proven plan that gets results. Click here to see more and to buy your plan.

My ‘Taking Control of Sugar’ 8 Week Full Plan is a great way to reclaim your energy and slim your waist ready for the beach! If you are not sure whether you could commit to doing something about your sugar intake, you have the opportunity during July to take part in my free ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge.’ It comes out by email and takes you through steps to get you started. What have you got to lose?

There is a lot of media attention on the amount of sugar that we are eating at the moment and the reasons why this needs to change.  My ‘Taking Control of Sugar’ group is growing and steadily seeing some great results.  Here is what a client has to say about my ‘Take Control of Sugar’ Full Plan.

‘Can honestly say I don’t miss chocolate or biscuits and before I would rather have had a cake or chocolate instead of my lunch. Working nightshift I would NEED a couple of custard creams about 3am and sometimes sweets on the drive home. Thought this would be the hardest bit but I’ve done it and feel so much better. It actually feels like the blood in my body is so much calmer. It’s hard to describe but someone that’s addicted to chocolate and sugar will know what I mean. I’ve joined every single plan out there from the well known brands to obscure ones online and this is by far the best one I’ve ever followed for making me feel better and the cheapest too.’ Lynne

Do you want this to be you?

‘I think this has been a really positive experience for me as it made me ‘take control’ not just of sugar but of my eating generally.  I still have more to achieve but you have helped me take responsibility for my own health – thank you.’ Chris

You can find out more and buy your plan by following this link Take Control of Sugar.

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