Back in May I launched my 12 months of free fitness challenges designed for you to boost your training, get inspired and mix up your routine. So far we have skipped, survived burpees, increased distance, worked our core, strength and flexibility – all for free! Read on to find out how the October Isometric Challenge went and to see what November has in store. Don’t forget that to get your free copy you need to register here.

Did the October Isometric challenge work?

You will remember that challenge 6 was all about Isometric exercise. I gave you 8 exercises that you were to hold for 60 seconds in a set order. It sounds so easy! I can assure you that some of those poses were really quite challenging and got only fractionally easier by Day 15.

I consider myself to be pretty fit and strength is probably my forte. Like everyone though, I have my weaknesses and creaky joints with my knees topping the list. This challenge has really helped with the strength in my knees and has taken away the discomfort that I would often feel after training. My core had to work hard to do a minute of Boat Pose each day and although it didn’t become easy, I did see progress over the 15 days.

Why do the Challenges last for 15 days?

There have been lots of comments about it being hard to do a challenge every day for 15 days. I guess I have 2 responses to that. The first is that I chose 15 days because it takes a degree of commitment that will be rewarded by the progress made over that time. You have to work to do it but 15 days is long enough to start to see some results. BUT, whilst I would love to see you do the challenge exactly as set out I intentionally send it out as a free gift for you to use as and when suits you. I would rather you did it as and when than not at all.

The fit4evermore Challenge Series is about doing something different and feeling the benefit that it brings to your overall results. You might not enjoy every challenge but if you do them you will see results and may well address imbalances or weaknesses along the way. It is by continually challenging our bodies that we get stronger and fitter and will stay active in the years to come.

Prepare for the November Blast

Recent challenges have been about strength, flexibility and movement in key joints. It is time in November to get you moving and to raise your heart rate. The November Blast is a cardio workout interspersed with a mini circuit using all the major muscle groups. Lasting only 10 minutes it will have you hot, sweaty and breathing hard. As always there are variations to suit all fitness levels so there are no excuses!!!!

I will be sending out the November Blast on Saturday so make sure that you have registered before then to get your free copy and to be able to take part. I will be posting my progress each day starting on 1st November on my fit4evermore Facebook page so make sure that you have liked the page and you can add your comments too. I love to hear how you are getting on and there are other opportunities for training and tips and advice on my page as well. 

The 12 fit4evermore challenges are free to those registered as they are issued. I will be publishing the complete series in the summer of 2018 so there will be the chance to catch up on the months that you have missed then. There are still 6 to go so make sure you have registered so that you don’t miss any more!

My November newsletter will come out on Thursday 2nd November with exciting offers for Christmas and a chance to get your Gift Vouchers for massages too. There will also be all the updates and opportunities for you as we head in to winter and the festive period. Make sure you sign up for my blogs and newsletters so that you don’t miss out.

Clare x

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