Each week I work with over 35 different clients and a number of these on more than one occasion. There are training sessions, massages, classes and lots of different variations of all the above. Today’s blog is for anyone looking for some inspiration and to give a clear insight into what working with me could achieve for you. Every week is different and here are my highlights from the last few days.

Counting steps for motivation

One client is trying really hard to increase his activity levels on a daily basis having discovered that he was only averaging 500 steps each day. He comes for training twice a week and is making good progress but needs to move more between sessions. I was so thrilled to hear him say today that he had had to walk on the treadmill when he got home last night for more than 30 minutes to hit his target. Using a pedometer or activity tracker can be a great motivator whatever your activity level and once you are doing more you will be keen to build on your progress.

In the gym in Singapore

Another client has just returned from a business trip to Singapore and came back with a photo of himself in the gym there. Working away from home can really disrupt your routine. It isn’t easy to motivate yourself to go to the gym in a hotel. Hearing that he had made it to the gym and was so pleased with himself that we had a photo too made my day. I work hard with clients to get them to take some responsibility for their training and make sure that they have the tools to take away what they do with me and do their own version. 

Fit enough to enjoy the trip of a lifetime

I loved hearing that a trip to South America had been an amazing success. The trip was physically demanding with all the trekking and travelling. It was great to hear that all the training had paid off and my client coped really well throughout. It is important to remember that the exercise you do translates directly into your day to day life. Being fitter, losing weight and focusing on a healthy lifestyle makes everything easier.

‘She has Magic Hands’

And as if all of that wasn’t moving enough I received the following testimonial from a client subscribing to my ‘Prehab’ Massage Plan.

‘Over the years I have attended a few different exercise classes of Clare’s but always had to stop due to ongoing issues with chronic sciatica and back pain.  When Clare suggested a few years ago that I try sports massage as a way of alleviating it, I was willing to give it a go. Thank heavens I did, as she has magic hands! My sciatica has all but disappeared, my neck and shoulder tension is greatly reduced, and I find that I now only need to attend a Chiropractor twice a year for a maintenance check up and adjustment rather than twice a week. My time with Clare is an affordable monthly treat which I look forward to and enjoy (even if her thumbs may not) and has the benefit of doing me good. I would (and do) thoroughly recommend Clare to anyone.’

Thank you so much Lynsey. Massage really does work and can have an amazing impact on your day to day mobility, pain levels and mood. I have other clients too who are now pain free with their backs and shoulders and who also now do far more than they would have thought possible before. 

How could I change things for you?

I hope that you have enjoyed all of these highlights and started to see what specific and individual plans can achieve. Every session is designed for you and to address your needs. Making an investment in you is a great way to start your fitness journey or to achieve a specific objective. 

Bonus to get you started

There are 2 offers that you can choose from – for fitness and for massage – or there is an extra bonus deal if you do both!

  1. If you have been looking to get fitter and need some help to get started or a push to work a bit harder then why not ask for a voucher for Christmas? Maybe you know someone who would really benefit but won’t make the investment in themselves. You can buy a block of 4 sessions for only £99 valid until 31st May 2018. You will receive a printed gift certificate which can be personalised too.
  2. What about taking it easy and needing to slow down and relax? Maybe you or someone you know has problems with tension in shoulders or the neck. Perhaps it is lower back or tight hips. A course of Swedish or Sports massage can make a real difference in relieving the tension and how you feel too. For £99 you can have a voucher for 4 x 45 minute massages valid until 31st May 2018. You will receive a printed gift certificate which can be personalised too. 

If it is too tricky to choose which offer to take then why not do both and receive an additional £20 discount from the total cost. This discount will also apply if you buy 2 of the same offer. Limited to a maximum of 2 vouchers per person. Offer valid until December 3rd 2017. Please call Clare on 07814 788408 or by email here.

Joining fit4evermore

I hope that you have found this useful and would like to join the fit4evermore community. There are 3 steps to follow to make sure that you get the most out of fit4evermore. You need to like the fit4evermore Facebook page, to enter your details to receive the fit4evermore free fitness Challenge Series and to subscribe to my blog. You can do all 3 by following the link to my website where you will find lots more advice and helpful information. All of my previous blogs are there for you and full details of all my tailored products and services. I look forward to hearing your comments and helping you on your fitness journey.

Clare x

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