It doesn’t seem possible that we are already at the end of the 8th fit4evermore challenge. In May I pledged to run 12 challenges to boost your fitness and help you to see exactly what you are capable of. The core challenges certainly seem to be the most popular. I guess that is where we all want to focus our attention plus it is an easy one to squeeze into busy days. So how did it go? Did we make the progress that we were looking for?

I think that this is the first challenge that I have not been desperate to finish and I have even done it more than once since the end. To recap, the ‘Plank Progression Challenge’ involved a Plank hold for 30 seconds at the start and finish with plank variations in between to challenge your rotation, stabilising movements isolating legs then arms and working your obliques too. Whilst you managed to complete the challenge, it proved really hard to move from one exercise to the next without coming down to rest. That means that I did my job and set a challenge that wasn’t too easy at the start and that kept you working hard.

Everyone reported feeling stronger by the end and felt that the quality of each movement improved too. The big surprise for many of you was how out of breath you can get in the space of minutes just by working in a plank hold. Your heart has to work hard coping with the increased oxygen demand from so many of your muscles at once. This is called ‘Peripheral Heart Action’ and it certainly gets your heart thumping in your chest. It is so important to keep breathing evenly from the start to minimise your oxygen debt. What tends to happen when you find it hard is that you hold your breath and end up playing catch up from there.

I love the fact that you are sticking with the challenges and joining in as we work through the months. My intention is to give a boost to your fitness by shaking up what you do, focusing on different muscle groups building full body strength.

It made my day to hear from Helen who said ‘Thanks for putting together all these challenges and motivating me.’

That makes it all worthwhile and means that the series is working. You don’t need to do all the challenges with me each month. It is a resource for you to use at a time and in a way that works for you. They are free to those who have subscribed and I will then publish the complete series in May 2018 for purchase.

Talking about the Plank progression Challenge, Christine said that ‘It is so much easier than day 1 and I love the fact that you can do it in your pyjamas. It has been perfect for me and must have done some good!’

So what will January bring?

I have taken a guess that post Christmas your concerns will centre on the extra few pounds that you are carrying particularly around the middle. To deal with that we need to get you moving, hot and sweaty and to torch the fat. I am delaying the start of the challenge to Friday 5th January to fit with the return to work and school and the end of the New Year celebrations. It will run for 15 days as usual.

It is interval based which means that you can decide how many rounds to do to suit your individual fitness level. With just under 5 minutes a round it will fit easily in your day and you finish with a plank hold challenge to keep up the good work in your core. 

The details will come out by email on Wednesday 3rd January to everyone that has registered for the fit4evermore Challenge series. You can register here if you haven’t already done so. Don’t forget to check your inbox.

Joining the fit4evermore community

fit4evermore is exactly what it says – it is about creating a healthy lifestyle that will help you to be ‘fit4evermore.’ There are 3 steps that you can take to be part of the supportive fit4evermore community.

  • Follow this link to sign up for my free Challenge series that will help you to get moving whatever your fitness level
  • Register for my regular blog to ensure that you get as much help, advice and support throughout your journey as you can
  • Make sure that you have connected with fit4evermore on Social Media. You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with details of all the opportunities to work with fit4evermore

I would love to hear your thoughts and any tips and advice you have to share that would help others too. Please share with friends and family and make sure that you look at all the existing blog posts on the fit4evermore website.

Clare x



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