2017 – a year of growth for fit4evermore

2017 is going to be a really exciting year for fit4evermore and I wanted to share my plans with you.  There should be something for everyone wherever you are based and that is a major development for me.

Running your own business is a huge challenge and it takes a lot of work and faith in what you are doing to keep growing, developing and ultimately to stay in business.  My business does not look quite as I imagined when I started out 6 years ago and I think that is a really positive thing. It means that I have not been afraid to try new things and to have confidence in the decisions that I have made.  I have studied and built on my expertise to ensure that I continue to be able to meet client needs.  I have tried various projects and in the last year in particular I have started to change the focus and to concentrate on the sessions and threads that I enjoy the most.  It has taken a lot of confidence and a big leap of faith to change my offering but it has really paid off.

The big change for me is to have started to look beyond face to face training.  For some time now I have been writing blogs and newsletters and the feedback and support has been incredible.  I have launched my 8 week ‘Taking control of Sugar’ plan and achieved great results.  In the next few days you will see my ’30 days to Take Control of Sugar’ plan which is a do-it-yourself version of the full plan and priced as such to enable more of you to access an effective system to lead a healthier life.

In my original business plan (now 6 years old…) I talked about creating videos of workouts and therefore being able to reach clients all over the world. As you may have seen over Christmas I finally did it and recorded four 20 minute workouts originally posted on Facebook and now available on my You Tube channel too. I now have a lady following fit4evermore from the USA and a client based in Kuwait – wow!  Something scary happened whilst recording those sessions.  I discovered that I really enjoyed doing it and that being in front of the camera doesn’t bother me at all.  It must have been all those compliance role plays I had to record in my previous life in Financial Services!

Over the next few months you will see the launch of my fit4evermore monthly ‘Fitpack’.  The intention is that the ‘Fitpack’ can be used either to supplement your weekly Personal Training sessions or as an ‘At home’ plan for new clients.  Either way you will be able to make a regular subscription or buy as a one off purchase on an ad hoc basis.  Just think you will be able to workout at home and I’ll be there too!!  No more excuses…

There will be an ‘At home’ version of my 8 week ‘Get Moving’ plan.  The current version involves weekly PT sessions so the online version will have my input and support through video, email and Facebook.  That means that I will be able to work with more of you and extend my reach too.

January sees the launch of my ‘Nurtured’ range with my ‘Stretch & Relaxation’ class.  There are still a couple of spaces available so get in touch if you would like to know more.  ‘nurturedbynielsen’ offers the chance to slow everything down, take time to recover and release all that excess muscle tension.  Moving forward I will be organising Focus days which will combine exercise and relaxation as a retreat.  I’m looking forward to working in a completely different format.  If you would be interested in getting involved in this venture then please let me know.

The final strand in my 2017 programme is my book.  The first draft is complete and I have a series of deadlines set to get me to launch in September.  It will be a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to get you ‘stronger, healthier, happier’ whilst still managing all the other things to do in your busy life.

It’s going to be a busy year and I’m really excited about where it will take me.  All of this would not be possible without the support of you all so thank you.  I look forward to continuing to work you hard throughout the year and to welcoming new clients to exciting plans in the months to come.  Watch this space!

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