What a view!

Imagine a day where it is all about you. No getting up early and running off to work. No dealing with the kids and their activities. No housework, cooking or ironing……Whilst that sounds great it isn’t always possible for us to have much time completely to ourselves and all our commitments require our attention. When we do escape we find ourselves thinking about all the things that we should be doing and start to feel guilty.

It is perfectly possible however, to schedule a few hours to focus on you and that is where I come in. My R&R days are all about getting away from it all and taking time to focus on you and your body. You will have 3 hours that are all about you away from other distractions. That is a realistic time that we can all find without creating further stress to deal with! It can be hard to unwind and I would certainly struggle to sit around doing absolutely nothing. I’m sure I would be writing to-do lists in my head and fidgeting.

What I have created is a day that will get you moving and clear your head for a while at least. You will get some fresh air, exercise and stretch. You will feel energised, better able to move and relax.  You will have had some time away and have ideas that you can take away to use to boost your fitness and deal with your stress. Focusing on your health and wellbeing is a good investment to make and will help you day to day. Don’t worry about your fitness level – you work at your own pace and remember the focus is on moving rather than being put through your paces!

If this sounds interesting then please get in touch. Each day is for 3-5 people and dates can be organised to accommodate your group. The cost per person starts at £40 depending on numbers.




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