Well that really was a November Blast!! in 15 days I ran up and down the stairs more than 300 times, did more than 900 press ups, over 1800 plank rows and clocked in excess of 930 squats. I am worn out just reading that but I absolutely loved this challenge and was up at 6.30am each morning for the 15 days.

I wrote this challenge with the intention of boosting your cardio fitness whilst working on strengthening key muscle groups too. It was intended as a full body workout and a chance to get your heart rate up quickly without having to leave the house.

And the results were…..

It certainly worked for me! My heart was pounding in my chest in seconds, lactic acid gripped my legs and the sweat was dripping on the floor. It only took 10 minutes each morning but I really needed that shower at the end. I haven’t done a great deal of ‘bootcamp’ style exercise for a while with my focus having been on running, swimming, cycling and yoga. I am always amazed at how quickly you see results from this kind of workout. Day on day I added something extra whether another squat, row or press up in the 60 seconds. I even squeezed in another stair run in each 2 minutes after 7 days and maintained it each time from then. My cardio improved and I feel stronger all round. My abs and arms have had to work particularly hard and I can see a difference.

Didn’t it hurt your knees running up and down the stairs?

I expected my knees to object to the stair runs which is why I had given you the option to do step ups instead if need be. To my surprise my knees were fine. In fact it has really helped and I am not feeling my knees going up or down the stairs anymore which is a huge improvement and a big surprise. My right shoulder didn’t like the Press & Reach so I had to change them to pure Press ups. That was hard, hard going but I saw great results in stability and felt a big difference by day 15.

Where were you?

I was surprised to see so few of you doing this challenge as this is exactly what you ask me for all the time! The standard question is ‘What can I do at home that it quick, doesn’t need any equipment and that will boost my fitness and strength quickly?’ So if you haven’t done it yet, dig out the email and get moving!!!! You need 10 minutes, stairs and a timer – it works. What more do you need??!!

It is all about finding ways to add more activity into your day in a way that doesn’t add to your pressures. You really don’t need a class or any fancy equipment. The fit4evermore Challenge Series is an opportunity for you to do something different and to see the changes and improvement in what you do day to day and in your fitness and your shape. It is free and for each of the 12 months there is a different challenge.

The December Plank Progression

It is all about your core with a plank extravaganza. It will only take 5 minutes but will really challenge your core from every possible direction. You can rest when you need to or complete the whole 5 minutes without stopping. Be prepared for an intense workout and to be rewarded with some amazing results!!!

The Plank Progression will be sent out to everyone who has joined the free Challenge Series. You can join here and you will then get your copy on the 29th November ready for the start of the challenge on December 1st.

Enjoy x

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