I did it! It is such an amazing feeling when you realise that you have achieved that goal that you have been working so hard on for so long. Almost 8 years ago I took the plunge and set up my own business. It was scary, daunting and I made myself dream big and to see what was possible. I had no idea whether I would reach all my goals but I was fully committed to giving it my best shot.

Looking back I can see that the key is to be intentional about everything that you do. If I hadn’t sat and written that business plan at the start, would I be where I am now? I don’t think that I would. Whilst my business has evolved over the years, my aims have been clear and I have worked hard and remained committed to my plan. You can apply this to any area of your life and any action that you are taking. Read on to see how this will help you.

Be intentional about the action you take

I set myself the goal of replacing my employed income within 5 years and to continue to increase it from there. I did it!

I committed to build my hours year on year until I was consistently hitting 25 hours a week. I now do at least 28 hours a week even through the School Holidays. I did it!

Don’t be scared to specialise

I thought long and hard about who I wanted to work with and mapped out the transformation that they would see. At the start I tried lots of different things and took all the opportunities that came my way. As my business has developed I have made the shift. I no longer do classes, outdoor sessions or work with children.

I have been really intentional about what I want to be focusing on and I have made it happen. Many of my clients know each other and have referred friends too. Training five members of the same department is a real privilege and clearly demonstrates that I now work with a very specific group. Being so specific really helps you to grow and to create clear marketing messages.

Being consistent has been key to my growth. For the last few years I have published a blog every week, sent out newsletters and posted regularly on my FaceBook page and group. I know who I am talking to in these communications, answering questions my clients have, providing value at every point. They share and comment and the community builds.

‘Pressing publish on that first book is the scariest thing that I have ever done’

I had always wanted to write a book and I have published 2 this year. I still have to pinch myself when I say that. It didn’t happen by accident! I involved my clients with many of them answering questions for me, giving advice and sharing their stories.  I committed to a timeline and stuck to it. Pressing publish on that first book is the scariest thing that I have ever done and one of the best! There will certainly be more books to come. 

I hope that you can see that it is being intentional about everything that I do that has ensured my success. Day by day I have worked to achieve my business goals and I have done it. I have mapped sales, analysed the figures and set myself bigger targets each year. It has been a steady growth led by the time that I have had available and that has worked with my family commitments. As a wife and mother of 3 girls, I have had to be mindful of not taking on too much, too soon. As the girls have grown and become more independent, I have had more time and the opportunity to grow my business. Your goals need to be stretching but you must be realistic too. I could have grown the business quicker but I would have struggled and perhaps even burnt out.

Regularly revisit your goals and set new targets

What is clear now is that I need a new set of goals! My diary is full and I now have a waiting list in place. My next challenge is to create a way of being able to deliver my transformation in a format other than face to face. What I do know is that I will be intentional about it! I will map out what I want to achieve, what I need to do to get there and how I will measure my success. Watch this space.

What I hope you will take away from this is that being intentional with what you do is key to your success. This is true whatever your goals. It could be about supporting a friend, improving your diet, learning a skill or running a 5k. You need to have a plan and to stay focused. I am always really inspired by Carrie Green and love her on episode 315 of the Youpreneur FM Podcast which you can find on itunes or your usual podcast provider. Her book ‘She Means Business’ is full of inspiration and will really help you if you are looking to make your goals a reality. I would love to hear what you think.

Next steps

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