Black Friday deal – chance to pamper or challenge yourself or a friend at an amazing discount. Ends midnight on Friday.

We are hurtling towards the end of the year so here are all the important dates for training over the next few months.  There is a great offer for Black Friday which is only available until midnight on Friday which can be used for training or for massage.  You can find the details below with instructions to follow if you want to go ahead.  It would make a great gift or you could treat yourself!

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Why 3 clients decided that solo training is the best value for money.

There are so many types of training available these days it can be hard to decide what suits you best.  You can take a gym membership, go to a class or get yourself a personal trainer.  During a week I offer a variety of options from Outdoor Bootcamp to 55+ Circuits to small group, paired and individual training.  So how do you decide what is the best option for you?

I offer the variety that I do because clients are available at different times of the day and to accommodate a variety of budgets.  But is the effectiveness of training determined by the cost and scheduling?  My experience over the last month would suggest otherwise.  I have 3 clients who have been doing paired or group sessions for a while and who for a number of reasons have ended up doing solo sessions recently.  To my surprise they have now decided to train alone as they have noticed a real difference.  It appears that they value the solo sessions more and are prepared to pay the extra cost to secure the results that they are looking for.  So why is that?

My choice would always be to work with clients on a 121 basis.  That is afterall why I decided to become a Personal Trainer rather than to teach Group Exercise.  We are all individuals and a one size fits all approach doesn’t deliver in the same way as focused 121 training does.  If I teach a paired session I gear the training to meet their goals and will adapt the session for the individuals but there will need to be some element of common ground.  If they are of similar abilities it is easier but I have to make sure that they are both motivated, pushed and making progress.  To have one lifting far heavier weights or to leave one struggling with the cardio would be demoralising and counter productive.  For a session with 3 or more logistics come into play too as you work with the space and equipment available and the limit to how much attention you can give to each.  If they are doing a complicated exercise you need to be there to help which means that the others will need to be doing a simple exercise at that time which does not require the same level of input.  You can see how carefully this needs to be planned.

With a solo session it is all about you.  It is designed to overcome your weaknesses, to push you and to ensure you make progress towards your goals as quickly as possible.  One client commented at the end of a session that she felt great although at the start she had worried that she wouldn’t be able to do much.  My response was that I would not be much of a trainer if I couldn’t modify the session to take into account how she was feeling and that is the value of personal training.  In a class you can either manage or you can’t.  The instructor has the session planned and will deliver it however you are feeling.  If you struggle it means you will have to stop or slow down but it won’t change the pace of the session for everyone else.

So to go back to the cost.  What is more cost effective – a session at a set time that will take place whether you are there or not or a session arranged at a convenient time for you that can be rearranged with 24 hours notice?  Would you rather have a session where there are things you struggle with or that feel too easy or have a session pitched at the right level for you where you leave feeling great and motivated?  Would you like a tailored plan to follow at home to supplement your sessions?  What about a full body stretch at the end of each session to ensure that you are not so sore and less likely to be injured?  Would you like the chance to ask questions and access to expertise as you go through your training?

We all have our preferences and it is about finding something that works for us.  At different times we will need different amounts of support and motivation.  Personal training can be more expensive but it is about the value that you get from what you pay that is important.  I work with different budgets and deliver monthly and fortnightly training options as well as the more traditional weekly plan.  I offer the paired and group sessions and these work really well with some clients having trained in this format for over 5 years now.

So why not make an investment in yourself and set up some training that will enable your transformation whatever that may be.  You never know where it may take you – so far we have had 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, Tough Mudder, Glasgow/Edinburgh cycle, Open water swims, Kilt & Ribbon walks as well dropping dress sizes, improving mobility and overcoming injury.  What will you add to the list????

Now is a great time to get started.  Take a look at the Black Friday deal below and get yourself a bargain!


Black Friday Deal

Only available until midnight on Friday.

Option A – Shake up your training and start your plan to achieve your goal in 2017 with a block of 4 sessions using TRX, weights, Kettle bells & more. Can be solo or you can train with a friend – valid until 31.03.17

Option B – Enjoy 4 x 45 minute massages – can be Swedish or Sports so either for relaxation or to deal with niggles. Valid until 30.06.17 – can be split for more than one person so you can gift a massage to a family member if you wish.

Save a massive 25% and get one session completely free!!!!!

Choose from these 2 fantastic deals for only £90 (usual price £120) Clients past and present receive a further loyalty bonus and pay only £80!

To book your deal go to and pay only £90 or £80 for fit4evermore clients. Please call 07814 788408, PM or comment to confirm so I can make arrangements for your deal.

Only available until midnight after which the cost will revert to £120 for both options. Cannot be used as payment for existing regular monthly plans.

Dates for your Diary

I am working until Friday 23rd December.  All paired and solo sessions will continue until then.  Please let me know if there are any that you are not available for as I have a number of massages to slot in during December so need to know where the gaps are.

The Tuesday 5.30pm Group session finishes on Tuesday 6th December.  If you would be interested in joining this session please let me know as there is a space for the New Year. There will also be a space in a session at 7-8pm too.

55+ Circuits finishes on 29th November and the new block will start on Tuesday 10th January – £30 for 6 weeks in Dunlop Church Hall.  There is the option to do a group session on Tuesday December 6th at 1.30pm at my house.  Please let me know if you would be interested – cost is £7 per person.

Outdoor Bootcamp will run on 3rd & 10th December. Meet at Stewarton Sports Centre Car park – 8-9am £5 per session. I am planning sessions for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve at 8am too weather permitting.  These will be £4 each and run for 45 minutes.  Please check the fit4evermore Facebook page before heading out  – I will post before 7.45am if we are cancelling.

All sessions will resume as usual on Monday 9th January.  I am going to work on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th January so if you would like to organise a training session or a massage during these days/evenings then please let me know. It is first come first served so you need to be quick!  Don’t forget that there are no sessions from 24th December – 3rd January.

If you have a monthly plan and are not continuing with training in 2017 then please ensure you give the required months notice to cancel your plan.

I hope you are excited about the Black Friday deal.  Remember you only have until midnight on Friday to secure your voucher.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your support in 2016 and I’m looking forward to working with you in 2017.


Clare x

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