Hands up if you are so busy running around that you struggle to find the time to sit down. I have had some lightbulb moments this week since sending my book manuscript away for editing. I have been so absorbed in writing, delivering training and looking after my family that it’s been a complete blur. It took three days for me to relax enough to even notice the thick layer of dust on all the furniture. I hadn’t even seen it before which is just as well as I didn’t have the time then to clean it! I’m pleased to say that it is all done now along with a multitude of other jobs I have neglected in favour of work. It was definitely time for me to take a look at my priorities.

Talking to a coach really helped

I have had the opportunity this week to spend 30 minutes chatting to a coach about my business. Whilst it doesn’t sound like a huge amount of time, it was enough for me to make a real shift in focus. It never ceases to amaze me what a difference it can make talking things through with someone who is not involved in any way. It took only a couple of questions to establish what my next steps should be and some really quick ways to achieve them. I have been going round in circles trying to shift my balance and the solution was there and clear to see.

I have been trying to squeeze more and more into my week. It has become a real struggle to get it all done and I was heading for a big dose of overwhelm. Taking a step back, a fresh approach and I’ve found a solution. I can’t fit any more into my week but I can block out time to tackle my writing and planning every quarter. I work best when I have a block of time to be creative so it is a perfect solution for me. It will take the pressure off day to day but I can still fit it all in. A small shift but a huge step forwards for me.

What would you love to find time to do?

What is it that has you running around in circles? Is there something that you can’t fit in but that you really want to do? Perhaps it is a yoga class, time to paint or catching up with friends. Maybe trying to fit it into an already bursting schedule isn’t going to work. What are the alternatives? Could you find a weekend yoga retreat or a painting workshop you could sign up for? Could you have a shopping day with friends? You need to find a way to do whatever it is that you want to do. 

If you take a different approach you might find that it is easier than you think. Get it into the diary and you have something to look forward to. Make it a positive rather than another example of not being able to do something for you. I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed and as if I was heading for burnout to really looking forward to a week of time scheduled to focus on being creative. It honestly feels as if a weight has been lifted. Surely it is worth a try??!!

Supporting you

My aim is to help you all to find a way to move more and to move well. I want you to feel happy in your own skin and to see what you are capable of when you try. It can be hard to get started and to find time for yourself. As a coach and a trainer a huge part of my time is spent helping others to make changes and find ways to progress. My fit4evermore Community Facebook Group is all about sharing my advice and experience and for you to get support with your journey. It can really help to see other people doing what you are doing and facing the same challenges. You can join here


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