I am going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a girl who hated PE lessons at school. She would do anything to get out of lessons whether it was hockey, tennis, basketball or athletics. It wasn’t that she was unfit. She danced every week at school, after school and at weekends. She did trampolining and really enjoyed it. BUT she had no hand/eye coordination, didn’t run fast and found team sports excruciating.

Guess what that girl does now? Yes you’ve guessed it, she trains most days and spends her working life helping others to see that exercise really is key to an active and independent future for us all.

You can be that person who successfully transforms

I shared that story to help you to see that we can all be that person who makes changes and transforms. Who would have thought that I would go from avoiding exercise to actively encouraging everyone to do something? We are all different and a class full of sweaty bodies jumping up and down is not for everyone. You may see people running and think that you would hate to do that. Every weekend there are hockey, football and rugby pitches busy with games for the full range of ages. Golf courses are open every day with men and women playing regularly. Swimming pools have lanes full throughout the day with Aqua aerobics classes and swimming lessons too. Gyms are busy and you will see classes in studios, outdoors and leisure centres in every community.

Every month I work with more than 45 individuals. That is more than 45 people investing in their health and fitness. That is made up of solo Personal Training, Paired sessions, a Group session, 1 small class and massage. Ages range from 30 to 78. What we do in each session is different and geared to meet individual needs, strengths and work on imbalances. Some of my clients play golf, some walk, some do classes and some cycle. For every one of them it is different.

You need to find your thing

I am seeing that motivation is much more about health than about aesthetics. We all want to able to keep doing everything we do now for many years to come and to be independent and injury free. Making an investment in our fitness is the key to doing just that. It doesn’t matter whether you have ever been in a gym or whether you can run. There is something that we can all do to move our bodies and to enjoy it. What you need to do is to find your thing. You may try a number of things before you find exercise that you enjoy. What I do promise you is that you will feel better if you give yourself a chance.

The moral of the story

Who would have thought that the little girl at the start of this story would go on to run half marathons, complete triathlons, long cycles and open water swims? We can all change the story and grow and develop as we go along. What I love about exercise is the possibilities that it gives us all. When you do something that seemed impossible for you, there is a shift and you start to wonder what else you could do. And that translates into all areas of your life from work to family and beyond. I certainly hope that my antics have helped my daughters to believe that they can try new things and reach their full potential. 

Time to take action

So the message today is to get started. Whether you exercise now or not, I want you to find something different to try or set yourself a new challenge. It could be to take the stairs instead of the lift every day at work. It could be to enter the half marathon rather than another 10k. Maybe you have always wanted to learn to swim front crawl and need to book some lessons. Whatever it is make it happen. You have to take the first step. You won’t look back and you never know you might just surprise yourself!

Get some support

Deciding to make changes is the first step in your transformation. If you want someone to hold your hand and to take you through step by step then my book ‘ Moving More – Finding your path to a stronger, healthier, happier you’ will do that for you. Get your copy here. There are trackers, planners, help to get you started, recipes, workouts and more.

Here are some of the reviews from those who have already purchased the book from Amazon.

‘I enjoyed reading Clare’s book immensely. It is user friendly, full of helpful advice and taking you carefully through the stages necessary to achieve success in finding a healthier, happier lifestyle. The use of quotations from her clients is extremely motivating – if they can do it, I can. I have already recommended this book to my family and friends here and in North America.’

‘This book will have you off the sofa and moving well before you get to the end. Clare takes a simple no nonsense approach that is impossible to ignore. She is the little angel on your shoulder dismissing all your excuses with sensible and practical advice. This book is definitely worth the small investment and you also get access to lots of additional advice and support through her website. The stories of real clients making small steps are hugely motivating too. You won’t regret buying it.’

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