Dates for December & your chance to sign up for my new ‘Stretch & Relaxation’ class for 2017

Today you will find all the dates for December and the arrangements for training over the Christmas break.  You will see that I am taking some time off but will be working on January 3rd and 4th.  If you want to book a session then please let me know.  2017 is going to be an exciting year for fit4evermore as I launch a new series of products as part of my new ‘Nurtured’ range.  You can find out more and sign up for the first 4 week block in January below.  You will need to be quick though as there are only 5 spaces in a class!  Don’t forget to share using the link below.

Prepare to be ‘Nurtured’ in 2017

‘Nurtured’ is bringing together all of the different strands of fit4evermore.  I am moving into my 6th year of business (yes really!!!) and to say that I deliver Personal Training or run classes doesn’t adequately describe what I do.

The definition of nurture is to ‘care for and protect (someone or something) whilst they grow and to help or encourage the development of’ and that is exactly what I do.  2017 will see the launch of my new ‘Nurtured’ range starting with a ‘Stretch & Relaxation’ class.

Do you suffer from lots of tension?
Are you sat at a desk all day and spend hours in the car and are struggling with sore neck and shoulders?
Are you getting less flexible as you get older and taking longer to get moving in the morning?
Are you starting to worry about where it could all end?

This class is designed to counteract the effects of all the time we spend sitting down at work or commuting and involves gentle movements to ease tension.  Exercises will address the key weaknesses and imbalances that I see every day in training and massage such as tight hamstrings, weak hip flexors, lazy glutes, sore feet, stiff lower back and tight shoulders to name a few.  We will look to strengthen these areas and release excess tension.  Flexibility will improve and you will find that you move more freely.  The session will end with relaxation to quieten your mind before heading home.

The class is suitable for all ages and abilities and you will need to bring a mat, a blanket and a bottle of water.  I will run the sessions at home in the space I use for massage.  Classes will be for 5 people and run as blocks of 4 sessions for £24 payable at booking.  I will run 3 classes initially – a Sunday 10-11am (15th 22nd 29th Jan 5th Feb) Wednesday 10.30-11.30am and Wednesday 8-9pm (11th 18th 25th Jan 2nd Feb).

To book your session please follow the link and give your preferred session time and complete your name and contact number at the bottom.  Places are allocated on a first come basis.  Once confirmed you will need to pay either by PayPal or Bank Transfer and full details will be given at that time.  If the block is full I will give you the option to join the next block starting on 22nd/26th Feb and I may run additional sessions if required.


Dates for your Diary

I am working until Friday 23rd December.  All paired and solo sessions will continue until then.  Please let me know if there are any that you are not available for as I have a number of massages to slot in during December so need to know where the gaps are.

The Tuesday 5.30pm Group session finishes on Tuesday 6th December.  If you would be interested in joining this session please let me know as there is a space for the New Year. There will also be a space in a session at 7-8pm in January too.

55+ Circuits finishes on 29th November and the new block will start on Tuesday 10th January – £30 for 6 weeks in Dunlop Church Hall.  There is the option to do a group session on Tuesday December 6th at 1.30pm at my house.  Please let me know if you would be interested – cost is £7 per person.

Outdoor Bootcamp will run on 3rd & 10th December. Meet at Stewarton Sports Centre Car park – 8-9am £5 per session. I am planning sessions for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve at 8am too weather permitting.  These will be £4 each and run for 45 minutes.  Please check the fit4evermore Facebook page before heading out  – I will post before 7.45am if we are cancelling.

All sessions will resume as usual on Monday 9th January.  I am going to work on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th January so if you would like to organise a training session or a massage during these days/evenings then please let me know. It is first come first served so you need to be quick!  Don’t forget that there are no sessions from 24th December – 3rd January.

If you have a monthly plan and are not continuing with training in 2017 then please ensure you give the required months notice to cancel your plan.

Don’t forget to book your sessions for the holiday period!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year when it comes.


Clare x

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