Here we are at the end of challenge 9 of 12. This month was the ‘Torch the Turkey’ cardio blast to get you moving after the excesses of Christmas. So was it a success or is the turkey still lurking?

I threw myself into this challenge and actually found it really hard going to start with. The combination of skater jumps, star jumps, plank jacks and squat jumps really got the blood pumping. I used muscles that haven’t worked quite like that for a long, long time. My glutes were burning, my quads working in overdrive and my calf muscles objected loudly. It certainly did the trick and got me moving more. I added the Core challenge from August on to the end which made it a great full body workout. That is afterall the intention with the fit4evermore Challenge Series, that you can mix and match to keep seeing great results.

What did you have to say?

There were objections that this challenge couldn’t be completed in your pyjamas as there was a definite need for a sports bra and a pair of trainers. Not all challenges can be low impact particularly if the aim is to ‘torch fat.’ Listening to a discussion about the most effective way to reduce visceral fat, the challenge really ‘HIIT’ the spot delivering a good blast of high intensity interval training to your day.

A client that did manage to keep going with this one had even done the challenge in her hotel room whilst away for the weekend. She was jumping up and down determined to get that bikini body on track for an Easter holiday. She is thrilled with the difference it has made, particularly working and shaping the inner and outer thighs. If you didn’t take the challenge then I would suggest that you give it a try especially when the weather makes it hard to get to your usual class or out to run. 

So what is the challenge for February?

Get yourself ready for the February Flex. This is not about gymnastics but rather easing out commonly tight muscles and feeling the difference it makes to do this every day for 15 days. I am hearing more and more about aches and pains and stiffer joints. Here is your chance to counteract the effects of the time spent at your desk, travelling and on the sofa. Adding in a regular stretch can really help. The good news is that you can do this one in your pyjamas but I would do it either after exercising or at the end of the day when your muscles are warm from moving all day. 

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