Announcing the launch of my new ‘Take Control of Sugar’ brand. I started offering my plans in March 2016 and until now they have been an add on to my fit4evermore business. I am so excited that the time has come to take it to the next stage and create a ‘Take Control of Sugar’ brand. There is a new website here which looks like the fit4evermore site but with green as the primary colour. You may already have seen the logo with the Green apple with the Yin and Yang sign inside. The Take Control of Sugar facebook page went live last night and many of you have already liked the page. It would be great if you could all do that and if you would share the page too that would be much appreciated. For those of you that have already completed the 30 Day D-I-Y plan or the 8 week Full Plan I would love you to leave a review on the facebook page. Even a star rating would help and takes only a couple of minutes. I have new t shirts and they will be available for you to buy soon.

Why the new brand?

Sugar really is an addiction. I can say that with confidence having come out the other side. Once you take control of the sugar in your diet you will see it for yourself. If I do indulge now the first sign is the change in my mood. I am frankly horrible! I get angry over nothing and feel out of control. It doesn’t take much to get me to slump either capable of little more than lying on a sofa somewhere between asleep and awake. Now that is scary…

You only need to look at our health. Take a good look around you and see the changes. People are bigger, less active and are carrying the majority of their weight around the middle. Our health is deteriorating with many more people suffering from the host of conditions that come with obesity. Increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancers are all very real threats.

It is not all doom and gloom though. Thankfully you can do something to turn it all around. You can radically change things by taking control of sugar and breaking the hold that it has on you. It really is not as hard as you think or as drastic.

To show you how easy it is I am running a ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ starting on Monday 19th June. This is your chance to give it a go and see if it is for you. For the 5 days of the challenge you will receive an email each morning with steps for you to follow in order to see where you need to focus and how to make simple changes. There will be an exclusive offer for all those taking part should you decide that you want to keep going. The challenge is free and there is no obligation to buy at the end. All you need to do to join the challenge is to enter your details here.

My aim is to get the message out there that we must ‘Take Control of Sugar’ and improve our health and our energy levels in doing so. It is a lifestyle choice and one well worth making. I am genuinely enjoying my food, loving cooking again and trying new recipes. I feel so much better and instantly feel it if I do have more sugar than usual. Take a chance and try it. What have you got to lose?

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