We are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities working out, hearing about the next diet to deliver incredible results and health advice that changes from one week to the next.  In the midst of all this we are all busy juggling work and family commitments and struggling to get everything done.

So the question is this – if we are so short of time is there even any point trying to do something for ourselves?

A client having a bad day had struggled to get herself to her training session.  ‘What’s the point?’ she asked.  Her dilemma was that if you can only squeeze in one hour a week and then not every week, is it worth it?  Or, should you take out what can just feel like another pressure and give up?  I think you can work out what my answer was!

Rewind a few years and I can remember what it was like being in the flow of dealing with 3 small children and working too.  The demands are largely physical and endless.  The only thing that kept me sane was exercise.  It was ‘me’ time and I needed the release both physically and emotionally.  Many times I could have excused myself on the basis of being too tired, not really in the mood or needing to be doing something else but I stuck at it.


You have to take good care of yourself.  So many people rely on you and getting burnt out and ill would be a disaster scenario.  Life is fast paced and relentless and we are all fire fighting and dealing with vast quantities of stress. You can’t keep going like that without any relief.  The reality is that down time these days often involves eating and drinking which for many exacerbates the issue of weight, health and inactivity further.

Our bodies are designed to move.  Just look at all the aches and pains that we are suffering from sitting at a desk for too long.  Physiotherapy appointments are like gold dust as niggles start to turn into chronic issues.

My intention is not to depress you but to get you to see that you need to get moving and take some time for yourself.  I have worked with so many people who started off unfit, unsure what to do and far from convinced that they could really find the time to commit.  They are now exercising regularly, have slimmed down, have more energy and have never felt better.  And that is the bit that you don’t get until you have done it!  What happens is that you take some time out and invest in you and then everything else starts to feel easier too.  You have some relief and some ‘me’ time and you go back refreshed and energised or at least a little less cranky than before.  The benefits of exercise are no mystery and it is well documented that it has a huge impact on mental health and combating depression too.

I’m not suggesting that you hit the road clad in Lycra unless that is what you want to do!  It can be hard to get started and standing in a class struggling to work out what to do or to keep up can be too much to bear.  If you need some support initially then why not try my ‘Get Moving’ plan.  I have run 3 blocks with new clients now and the results have been amazing.  They have all lost weight, got fitter and their attitudes and outlooks have changed – all for the better.  A few have gone on to do their own thing but the majority have kept going and are still progressing and hitting their goals.

So the message today is that you need to look after yourself and take time out to get moving.  If an hour a week is all that you can find then go for it.  Schedule it in your diary and treat it like any other appointment.  Invest time in you and it will feel good.  Get moving and get rid of all those aches and pains and stiff joints from sitting at a desk or in the car,

If you want to see more about my ‘Get Moving’ plan then follow the link. I am working on an online version of the plan so you will soon be able to follow it wherever you are in the world from your living room.

I would love to hear your comments and please add your tips and advice for anyone who is just starting out.

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  1. I know exactly that feeling when Monday morning comes round and I think to myself I have too much to do to go to my exercise session I remind myself of the feeling I have afterwards and not once I have said to myself I shouldn’t have gone I feel energised and more able to cope with the day (Believe I often look for a reason that I can’t go ) 😀

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