Confession time – I am a Podcast Geek. I love hearing about other peoples stories and being inspired.  l love that they can play in the car, whilst I am on the treadmill or when I am having a coffee. I can do something else whilst listening. One of my favourites is Oprah’s ‘Supersoul Conversations.’ I have just been listening to her speaking to Diane Nyad about her epic 110 mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Lots of the detail blew me away – from jellyfish to saltwater to hallucinations. My ‘goosebump’ moment though was when Diane talked about her mantra.

Find a Way

Three little words with a huge impact.

They can apply to anything you are doing or striving to achieve. It may be hard or be thought to be impossible but ‘find a way’ keeps you trying and chipping away at it. It gives hope, strength and builds faith. It shows that action and resolve start with you. It is what you do and how hard you try that will determine whether you are able to ‘find a way. Diane was told that her swim was impossible and too much for anyone to physically bear. She was successful on her fifth attempt having previously been forced to stop after swimming over 40 hours.

Throughout her challenge she tried to find a way. I think that gives us all a path to follow. To achieve goals we need to be clear about what we want to do and why it is so important to us. Once we know that, we will find a way. I am glad that I listened to that podcast. I always think that the universe gives you what you need right when you need it.

Sometimes it can feel too much and overwhelming. It can be hard to keep your perspective and to stay positive. At times what you are facing can feel too tough and as if it will never end or be the same again. But we all face challenges and it is up to us to find a way forward. That has given me strength and hope and to think with more clarity. We don’t always choose our challenges but we do choose how we respond to them.

I hope that you find a way to deal with whatever you are facing or striving for and that you have found this helpful. I would recommend listening to Oprah’s podcast. I like hearing about other people’s lives and the amazing things that they achieve. We can all be inspired – who knows where it might take you!

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One thought on “Find a Way – facing the impossible and daring to dream

  1. Clare, I love your latest post – Find a Way and have forwarded it to Jessica.
    This mantra certainly helped me through the side planks from Monday’s class although I must admit to struggling with a positive, inspirational thinking approach after I’d reversed over my specs this morning! Seriously though, excellent post that challenges us to think and respond differently to what life throws up.

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