Here are my highlights from the last few months. I work with lots of clients with varying degrees of fitness, a range of goals and a great deal of determination. They all work hard and come to sessions prepared to give it their all. The misconception is that personal training is only for the fit and athletic. I hope that sharing these successes will demonstrate that there is so much more to it than that. It can be about motivation, confidence, concern about injury and for support. So here we go – prepare to be impressed!

  • A client was struggling with knee pain. It was niggly and would come and go but the usual combination of ice and ibuprofen wasn’t doing much to help. We took out the squats and lunges for a few sessions and then added in some different variations to strengthen around the knee. That has worked and the problem has been resolved.
  • A client with a historic back pain had started to feel the symptoms returning and moving was becoming awkward and painful. We did a session that combined gentle movement with some stretching and massage – it did the trick. Half way through a set of ‘Superman’ there was a shift and the full range of movement was regained. A change in approach can make all the difference.
  • Getting clients to increase their activity between sessions is key to their success. We work hard in sessions and they have a plan to take away too. It made my day to hear a client say that she had been out on a 10 mile cycle ride after not having been on her bike for over 2 years. That was in addition to the run on the treadmill earlier in the week. It is great to see her confidence building and determination setting in.
  • Another client has been working really hard and focusing on her exercise and her diet. She has seen great results and lost inches and gained definition. We didn’t realise how dramatic the change was until she went to have her rings resized as they were loose and went down more than 2 sizes!
  • A client with persistently high blood pressure has made huge changes to his fitness but resisted giving up the nightly nip of whiskey and starting exercising during the week. We made a huge breakthrough last week – the whiskey has gone and he feels so much better. Even better is the fact that there has been a change in his blood pressure which is fab to see!
  • A new client started my ‘Get Moving’ plan after seeing how well her mother had done with her training. It is always great to get referrals from clients. I am looking forward to working with her now to achieve her goals now.
  • I ran a Mini Focus day with clients who had finished training with me at the end of 2016. They enjoyed the session and are now coming back to do a fortnightly 90 minute session combining exercise and stretching. I am looking forward to working with a slightly different format and having them back too.
  • I did a massage for a new client who had a problem with his shoulder. He was struggling to get through the day and needed help. We did a massage and the tension eased. It was good to hear from him again when an old back injury flared up. When someone comes back you know you have done a good job.

As you can see from all of these stories successes are individual and I see lots of variety every day. Personal training is about so much more than the exercise. If you would like to know more then please follow the link to my Get Moving Plan. I am more than happy to answer your questions and to discuss your training options here.  For those of you who aren’t local or who would rather have a plan to follow at home you can see my new FitPack here.

I would love to hear your comments about the blog and please share as always.

Clare x


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