How often have you set yourself a goal and then within a matter of weeks have given up and felt worse than when you started? I think that most of us can come up with a list of things that we would love to achieve from fitting into a particular outfit to climbing a hill to landing your dream job. Where we tend to struggle is how to keep going when the initial enthusiasm wears off and every day life gets in the way. My goal today is to get you past this deadlock and to find a more effective way to approach your dreams. Read on to see my top 5 tips to help you to nail your goals rather then letting them become another stick to beat yourself with!

Choose a goal that REALLY matters

All too often we focus on something that is at best a ‘like to have.’ That can be okay if it is something that is relatively easy to achieve. Lets say that you want to be able to get into a dress that you loved but haven’t worn for at least 5 years. If you only need to lose 7 pounds to get into the dress then that is probably pretty achievable. The issue comes where you have more to lose. In that situation it is so important that you are really committed to your goal in order to get there.

Brainstorm to find a big enough WHY

Start brainstorming to check whether your goal will stand the test of time and is the right one for you. Write down exactly what you want to achieve and why? What will it mean to you when you do? What will happen if you don’t make it happen? What is it that is so important to you? You might find that your goal is actually very different to what you thought. Going back to the example of the dress, maybe it is not about size at all but more about trying to recapture how you felt at that point in your life. Look beyond the obvious and be very sure that you have completely nailed what it is that you want to achieve. Your success depends on you being really clear and having a big enough WHY to keep you going.

Plan your journey

Always break your big goal down into stages. We don’t deal very well with overwhelm. If it all feels too hard and as if we aren’t making much progress then the doubts set in and our motivation falters. By creating a series of steps to take along the way we can keep the momentum building. A great tip can be to build in rewards for hitting each level.

Try this

Find a jar and at the end of every week when you have completed your actions, put £5 (or whatever amount works for you) into the jar. Set a date in the future when you will use this money to go on an experience or buy something as a reward. Every week that you stay on track takes you closer to getting your treat whether this is a new bike, a spa day or new clothes.

Action = Results

A goal is great but you need to work out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve it. Create daily actions that will move you closer. Do you need to exercise, plan your food, meditate or study? Write a plan and then schedule times in your diary. You have to commit time and to give these actions the same importance as every other meeting or diary entry. Make sure that you tick them off as you work your way through. A visual record of progress can be really powerful and help you to stay on track.

Find your tribe

We all crave connection. Challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary. An easy way to deal with this is to find some support. This is why slimming clubs and group programmes work so well. Telling family and friends what you are doing and asking them for their support can really help you on your journey. It cements the commitment that you have made and adds in a degree of accountability too. For many of us this is really powerful in driving action. It makes it about more than just us. We then need to take action so that we are not letting others down.

Master your Mindset

It all comes down to the age old statement that ‘whether you tell yourself that you can or you can’t, you will be right.’ We all have that voice in our head that questions our every move. We can choose whether we listen to the negative chatter. It can be hard to overcome but it is far from impossible. The most effective way is to replace the negative voice with a positive message. I don’t do ‘woo-woo’, but creating positivity is a real game changer. I have a power ritual which I spend 5 minutes on every morning. I picture myself having already achieved my goal. I can visualise where I am, what life looks like and how I feel too. I read a short paragraph out loud each day which is written as if I am already there. It only takes 5 minutes and is so powerful keeping me focused and on track. It feels harder some days than others but I am a work in progress. Hard work pays off.

Final thoughts

All too often we take the easiest and most convenient option. So much of our lives are busy and pressured. That is why it is so important to be really clear about what you want to achieve and plan how it will happen. I run a plan that will help you to set goals and to give you accountability in achieving them. If this is something that you would like to find out more about then please follow the link and I will be in touch. There are limited spaces available. Here is the link

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