I started fit4evermore seven years ago and it has been an amazing journey. My aim from the start was to use my own experience to help more of you to feel better about yourselves and to do more physically than ever before. There have been twists and turns along the way but my motivation remains stronger than ever. I have worked with hundreds of clients in many different ways supporting them to get fitter, healthier and to achieve their goals. Publishing my book ‘Moving More’ has really consolidated what I do and enabled more people to access my plan. What I want to do here is to make sure that you are all making the most of the opportunities that fit4evermore has for you.

What to expect on a Thursday

Every Thursday I publish a new blog here which covers all aspects of fitness, health and lifestyle. I share with you things that I think will be useful, thought provoking and sometimes even life changing. You can subscribe to this blog and access through WordPress reader too. I would love you to share with anyone else that you know who would be interested and find my blog useful. You can have a look at previous blogs and I am sure you will find lots of useful content.

Daily support and discussion

For those of you looking to be part of a supportive community working to get fitter, set a good example to others and to work through all the conflicting advice out there, you can join the fit4evermore Community Facebook Group. This is a closed group so the posts can only be seen by members. There are lots of questions, ideas. recipes and workouts for you on a daily basis. You can request to join using the connect link below. You can add your comments knowing who can see them and to get whatever help and advice you need. I spend time in the group each day and this is an easy way to access my expertise for free! In the last month we have looked at the benefits of beetroot, debated whether we should eat breakfast, weigh ourselves regularly or drink soda. I have shared my February Flex challenge, a massage stick tool and recipes to try. 

 Bonus Value for the fit4evermore Community

 I publish bonus materials each month for community members who subscribe here. This includes free fitness challenges, special offers, newsletters, videos and more detailed analysis of the subjects that really matter to you. You will also receive the chance to get involved with special projects too. For example last year I recruited my Book Team who contributed to my book and are quoted throughout giving advice, sharing their experiences and recipes receiving my thanks in the acknowledgements and a free pdf version of the finished book.

Final Thoughts

I love supporting you all through your fitness journey and it is a real honour to see you grow and achieve your goals. I would love for more of you to get involved and follow the 3 steps to join our community below. Please share with anyone else you think would be interested. 

I look forward to welcoming you!


Join the fit4evermore Community

Be part of the supportive fit4evermore community in 3 easy steps

  1. Register for my regular blog for help, advice and support throughout your journey
  2. Connect with other members by joining my fit4evermore Community Facebook Group
  3. Contact by calling 07814 788408 or see my work here

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