Everywhere you look you will see someone wearing a fitness tracker. People of all shapes, sizes and ages. You can spend as little or as much as you like but is it actually worth investing at all?

A Fitness tracker will monitor the number of steps you do in a day, the quality of your sleep and some will track other activities such as swimming, running and cycling too. You can choose to have GPS, a heart rate monitor and even alerts for your texts and phone calls too. The basic aim of a tracker is to get people to move more. You set yourself a target for steps each day and most will let you know when you have hit the magic number and send emails when you hit key milestones. There is a gentle nudge at any point where you have sat down for too long to get you up and moving again.

So that is the theory but does it work?

A number of clients have literally transformed their lives using a fitness tracker. Initially it is a way of making yourself add in more activity each day. As you get fitter and feel the difference you want to do more and so you increase your target and start to look at what else you can do. You start to look at your diet and be more careful with what you eat. There would be little point doing all this activity and sabotaging yourself! Before you know it you are fitter, slimmer and more active.

Having seen so many positive experiences I bought a Fitbit Flex 2 for Mum at Christmas. They had moved house going North so she had lost her routine with gym and swimming sessions with friends. I thought it might give her an incentive to get out and about. Little did I know what would happen. It would appear that I get my drive, determination and focus from Mum!!!!! She is totally ‘on it’ and so focused on her goals. She has even forwarded emails of her activity reports and I think that says it all.

Skipping to the end of February and I finally jumped in and joined the gang. I bought a Garmin ‘Vivoactive’ which also has GPS so logs all my training too. I am pretty active and thought it might serve purely to confirm what I already knew. Not so. I walk more. I run more. I have established a sleep routine rather than playing at it as I have for months. I love it when I hit my steps target and my watch buzzes. If I am short of steps I get up and move. I park the car further away and walk. I get on the treadmill and run willingly!

I believe that it is well worth the investment. We all know we need to move more and quite frankly we kid ourselves as to how active we are. You could argue that you don’t need something on your wrist to tell you to move. My response would be that no you don’t but having one will keep your focus and mean that you do more. It really is a case of one step at a time and they all add up.

So, if you are in a rut and need something to get you going then a fitness tracker could well be a good investment. There are options for all budgets so you need to be clear on the features you need and how much you can spend. Even a simple pedometer will do the trick if you are short of cash.

What do you think? Do you have a tracker? If so what has your experience been? Do you think they are a waste of money? if so why? I would love to get a discussion going on this one – add your comments and like too!

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  1. happy to admit I’m not a gadget person but when my partner bought me my fitbit alta when I commented that I fancied one I thought to myself ” this is going to be a hassle to set up” but it wasn’t. Being set up for 10,000 I found this quite achievable to do and quickly put it up to 13,000. I have found it very interesting keeping track on how many steps each activity takes and how many calories it burns. My partner is also enjoying me having a fit bit because if I have not completed my daily steps I will offer to take out dog on her last walk which saves him from doing so. On one occation he was not quite as keen, as I was just about to get into bed when I realised I hadn’t completed my steps for that day so had to jog on the spot for 5 mins to complete it, he was up at 5am for work but I did need to get my star for that day to keep me on track. I like the fact that I have something visual and easy to follow and I do feel that it keeps me motivated and for that reason I would recommend a Fitbit.

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