I’ve been given lots of reasons from clients as to why they want to get fit – ‘so I can keep up with my kids’ – ‘to lose weight’ – ‘to feel better about myself’ – ‘to avoid surgery on my knees’ – ‘to get rid of my lower back pain’ – ‘I feel awful I need to change’ – and so the list goes on. You will have your own motivations and from these will come your goals.

I am offering full access to my expertise and support in starting their fitness journey. You will have a bespoke 8 week plan with individual instruction on how to perform all the exercises safely and correctly.

What is included?

Your plan includes
• Welcome Consultation
• 8 x 60 minute training sessions
• Plan to follow at home or in the gym
• Cardio plan – walking/running/cycling/swimming
• Email and phone support as required throughout

What are the costs?

So no doubt you are thinking that all sounds expensive…but here comes the really good news. You have 2 options with the Get Moving Plan
• Paired Plan £145 each
• Solo Plan £200

The dates and times are agreed individually or as a pair and will take into account your personal commitments. Sessions don’t need to be the same time each week so there is some flexibility. You do need to give 24 hours notice to cancel any sessions without charge. The fee is payable in full prior to the start of training unless otherwise agreed.

Get in touch to organise the details of your plan and book times for your training. Payment will be made during Welcome Consultation.

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