Here is part 3 of the fit4evermore Challenge Series. For May there was a Burpee Challenge and in June a Skipping Challenge. For July it is all about increasing the distance that you cover in the 15 days. I can already here the objections that you don’t run or that you can’t do that but wait a minute and hear me out. It is all about getting you to move more than usual and you get to choose the distance. You also get to choose how you complete it whether walking, running, swimming or cycling. Now that isn’t sounding so impossible is it?

I am setting up the challenge with 2 options and you can choose either or create your own. Remember that the whole point is to challenge yourself so there is no point choosing something that you already do or that will be really easy.

This is a great challenge for July as lots of you will be on holiday and out of routine. Moving more is a good idea particularly if you are eating and drinking more too! Even if you are away with children you can walk and swim to hit your total. Why not get them involved and make this a family challenge? I have been impressed with my youngest daughter who has got involved with the Burpees and Skipping and she is 11 years old. So why not set a challenge for the whole family? It is only for 15 days and we all need a push sometimes.

All you need to do to get your copy of the challenge is to enter your details here. If you already signed up for the Burpee or Skipping challenge then you will get your copy automatically. We will be starting the challenge on Sunday July 2nd and it will end on Sunday July 16th. As always I will post my progress on the fit4evermore Facebook page each morning so make sure that you have liked my page. I would love to see your updates too. It helps to keep you motivated and on track if you have to say that you have done your distance for the day.

The August Challenge will be about Core Strength so make sure you are on the list for that one. The intention is that with a different challenge each month you will end up with a selection of plans and ways to boost your fitness and activity levels. You can work through them in your own time and come back to them later on as you choose. fit4evermore is all about being stronger, healthier, happier. Please share this with anyone else that you think would be interested and make sure you have registered to receive my blogs, newsletters and offers too.

Clare x

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