Group Get Moving Plan

You can get 2020 off to a great start. You could be one of the 12 transforming their health and fitness in January. You follow the plan at home with all the support and tools you could need. Places are limited and filling up fast. You can book your space now with only a £50 deposit. The balance of £70 would then be payable by 7th January. You can register here. You will then receive an email with further details. See the profiles of those who have already smashed the plan here.

Do you struggle to find time to exercise and there is never a class that fits your schedule? Do you worry about getting injured and not doing the exercises right? Do you find it hard to stick to a plan and end up feeling worse than when you started? Are you sick of feeling heavy, lacking energy and expanding round the middle?

Are you doing enough exercise?
Are you exercising enough?

Most of us know what we should be doing to get fit and healthy. Life gets in the way and it is easy to give up or to put off making those shifts. My Group Get Moving Plan changes all of that. I had even put off creating the plan because I was worried that people wouldn’t stick to it and so wouldn’t get the results that I promised.

My goodness was I wrong! The first 8 week plan has just come to an end and I have been blown away by the results. There were 11 in the group and everyone made progress. Some are now working through the plan again for the next 8 weeks to see more improvement. So much for me worrying that nothing would change! The average improvement from the fitness test at the start to the end was 37% with some achieving more than 50%. Some lost more than 4kg and others 9 inches overall. What has been incredible has been the support that they have given each other and the encouragement. We now have swimming lessons booked, a marathon has been walked, Couch to 5k plans are underway and teams entered in a Relay Sprint Triathlon. Need I go on….

So what does this plan involve? You make a commitment for 8 weeks. We do a fitness test and a goal setting exercise at the start to benchmark where you are starting from and importantly what you want to get from the plan. You will then receive an email every Monday morning with your instructions for the week. There are workouts, challenges, recipes and help with all aspects of a healthy lifestyle from nutrition to sleep to dealing with stress. It is all clear to follow with practical steps you can try.

For the workouts you are committing to doing a minimum of 3 workouts a week. These are 30 minutes long and you have a video recording to use whenever suits you as well as written instructions. Using the recording will help to make sure that you are doing the exercises well, help with motivation and make you work harder too. There are 4 Outdoor Bootcamps included in the plan which give the opportunity to get together and to try something different. It is great to be outdoors and I don’t shout I promise. There are lots of variations and you don’t need to run if that is not for you. The group have loved these and plan to continue coming along. There will be 3 challenges in the plan too and it is up to you whether you do them. Needless to say the more you do the better your results!

What really surprised me was how much the WhatsApp group helped. Posting plans for the week, ticking off workouts and sharing experiences really bonded the group. Even those who didn’t post gained motivation from reading the posts and felt part of a group. The support and encouragement was amazing and I was in the group answering questions multiple times every day. I work hard to help you to successfully smash your goals.

How does that sound? I am so proud of the first group and their achievements. There were tears and lots of hugs at the fitness tests as they saw that all the hard work had paid off. We had a get together to celebrate and for me to hand over the well earned t shirts. These have been worn with pride this week which has really made me smile. What they have done is given feedback throughout and made suggestions that will improve the plan for the next group.

So on Friday 23rd August the second Group Get Moving Plan started. They are working hard and seeing some great results. They are fitting in the workouts at home and coming along to the Outdoor Bootcamps. Energy levels are up, waist measurements are down and they are full of determination. The next plan starts in January 2020 and will fill up fast. All you need to do is register here. You can secure your place with a £50 deposit with the remaining £70 to be paid by January 7th 2020. I can’t wait to see what you achieve over the 8 weeks!

I thought it would be good to share what the last group had to say about the plan. I think you will feel their enthusiasm!

“My experience of the plan can be neatly summed up. Quite simply – it was worth doing. It was worth my time, money, commitment and my effort. Worth the exhaustion, frustration, discomfort and pain. Worth the new friendships, support, laughs, and sense of being in it together. Worth the measurable results, improvements and achievements, and worth it because I knew that if I faltered, felt defeated or disheartened that you were there to pick me up and get me back on track. Definately worth it.” Loraine Strang

Absolutely excellent. Resources, constant support which was very experienced and encouraging. Tailored for you as you really understood us personally and our own goals and demons. I think I surprised myself. I’m even more surprised as to my mindset now as I want to really focus going forward to improve even more and set new goals. I have become realistic about small steps make long term improvements when I always wanted instant results int he past and when they didn’t happen, I gave up quickly. I didn’t this time. The What’s App group was amazing – the support and friendship grew over the eight weeks. Everyone encouraging one another very genuinely. All our resources were excellent and in fantastic detail and quantity. Everything we needed we had. All the extra information was brilliant and added to the knowledge base for us to learn to understand ourselves so much better. And everything that was promised was delivered on time and when expected. Lyndsey Phillips

A really good way to kick start a healthier, more active way of living with great people and lots of laughs!Katie Drummond

“I enjoyed the short term goal of 8 weeks as it allowed focus on achieving a goal without being overwhelming. The plan was a real kick start for me to increase my exercise. I liked that the workouts weren’t too long to allow them to be fitted into the day. I enjoyed interaction with the Whats app group.” Lorna Hunter

I am really excited at taking a new group through the plan. It really does work and that is true whatever your starting point. It is your plan and your hard work will get the results that you are looking for. This is not a short term miracle fix but it is practical and achievable. It says it all that the group have all set themselves goals and planned the next 8 weeks. And that is having worried about whether they would manage to commit to the initial 8 weeks. What a step forward that is! So all you need to do is to register here and I will send details as to how you can book your place. As I said there are only 12 spaces so you need to do it now. It is time to invest in your future and to do something just for you!