How many times have you booked your summer holiday and promised yourself that this year you will get on that plane feeling amazing? You have tried so many times before to get fitter and to lose weight but are determined that this time it will happen. You find lots of free resources online and in the media and they look great. You download them and get started. So far, so good. You have a goal and a plan that you can use to achieve it. Then it all grinds to a halt! The good news is that there are some simple steps that you can take to guarantee your success.

I always ask clients at the start why they haven’t managed to achieve their goals so far. I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and a phrase really stuck in my mind. That phrase was that ‘We need to invest to implement’. I have been thinking carefully about what that means and whether that applies to achieving our health and fitness goals. My experience would suggest that there is a lot of truth in it. Let me show you what I mean.

You start off full of enthusiasm and then in a matter of weeks perhaps even days it all feels too hard. At some point you can’t be bothered to go to the class or you get a takeaway rather than cooking the meal that you had planned. Once you have ‘cheated’, it is easier to do it again and it is all too easy for old habits to take over. The plan is then put to one side and you have ‘failed’ again.

I think that what is missing here is how ‘invested’ you are. Without this you will never implement and nor will you achieve your goals. I have talked about how to set meaningful goals and the importance of planning your transformation. If you missed it you can access the blog post here.

Today we are concentrating on the need to be really invested in what you are trying to achieve. I believe that this is about more than just mindset and your goal being important to you. This is about taking action to ensure that you are successful. It is being intentional in what you do and creating an environment in which you can focus and progress. This is the how, not the why and that is what will make the difference this time. This is what will get you on that plane feeling amazing!

Invest in your success

I don’t know about you but I don’t think too hard about spending anything under about £25. I’ll buy books, magazines, how to guides and even online plans. I also don’t mind too much if I don’t ever use these resources as their perceived value to me is pretty low. That is worth emphasising. You need to value what you are investing in. Let’s think about a coaching package that will cost in excess of £200. I will have had to think much harder about whether it is of value to me in order to justify the investment. I will only buy it if I believe that it will solve MY problem and I feel able to commit to do the work involved in order to get that transformation. This is at the heart of the concept that we need to ‘invest to implement’. It is only by making a real investment that we will be committed to following the steps to get the outcome.

Be accountable for your actions

Many of us find it hard to stay motivated and to keep the momentum going. If you are part of a group and have to show up to do the work, you are more likely to do it. We like to be seen as successful and want to do well. Being part of a team or a community whether in person or online is a powerful way to maintain commitment. You encourage each other and get lots of support too.

We all love a happy ending

We need to believe that it is possible for us to get the results that we are working for. We like to hear stories of how other people have done it and what that has meant to them. We want to be like them and to have what they have. It is really powerful when you can relate to the stories we hear. We want to be successful and to be able to show others that we have done it and to inspire them too. We believe in the transformation so we put in the work.

Work with an expert

Making an investment is buying the expertise of someone who can deliver the transformation that you want. You don’t have the time to be searching online and to read endless articles and books. You want the hard work to be done for you and to fast track to success. You don’t know what will work and what won’t. When you pay for a plan you have the confidence in what you are getting and that it will work. It is all about getting what you pay for. Often the more you pay, the more individual the solution will be. That translates into a quicker transformation as you focus on doing exactly what YOU need to be for your success.

Time to get personal and to think big

So let’s think for a minute about what your dream goal is. It is time to think really big. Perhaps it is to cross the finish line of your first half marathon full of pride and emotion. Or would it be feeling amazing in your size 12 dress at your daughter’s wedding happily posing for photographs? Or it could be to make it back down the hill without feeling every step in your sore and aching knees. We will all have different aims but there is a solution that will help you move towards reaching your dream.

How about being part of a group for support and to help you to keep on track? Would you find it helpful if all you had to do is to turn up for your workout whether in person, by dialling in or by watching the recording? How about a weekly email with full instructions for you to follow? What about knowing that the plan has already worked for more than 50 people with many more continuing to follow the formula?

Grab your opportunity now!

For the first time I am running my Get Moving Plan for a group. This will be a test group and you will have the chance to work through the format, review and comment. In return you will get the plan with a big discount which will never be available again. Numbers will be limited and the only way to join this group is to add your details to the waitlist here

Wouldn’t it feel great to get to the summer knowing that that you actually did it? You made the investment in yourself, followed the 8 week plan and achieved your goal. It will be hard work but lots of fun and a chance to meet new, like minded friends. Here is your chance to do it differently and get the transformation that you dream of. All you need to do is use the link to add your details to the waitlist. I will be in touch in the next 10 days with full details and next steps. You decide at that point whether you want to join and it will be offered to the first to reply. Our planned start date is 27th April and the plan ends on June 21st. I can’t wait to get you started!

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