It’s Thursday and you are tying yourself in knots trying to think of something to cook for dinner. Sound familiar? We all know that cooking from scratch is the healthiest option when it comes to feeding your family. You start on Monday with the best of intentions but as the week goes on it falls apart. Here are 5 tips to solve your dilemma. Make sure you download my free planner and recipe ideas.

Find Inspiration

I can remember the well used cookbook that sat on the shelves at home when I was growing up. It came out frequently and was the ‘go to’ for instructions and recipes. We have so many options that it can be overwhelming. I’m guessing you have numerous books sat unused on your shelves – I know I do. Make use of the resources that you do have. You can google, find recipes in magazines, join facebook groups or look in recipe books. Find a few that you like and use these to source ideas.

Keep it Simple

We all have things we like and things we don’t. Trying new recipes can work well but make sure that you choose dishes that you will like! Some recipes require endless and obscure purchases. Focus on variations with foods and flavours that you enjoy.

Plan ahead

I have lost count of the number of clients who resist this advice. I always say the same thing which is that you need to sit down on a Friday (or whatever day suits you) and plan your menu for the week ahead. Make sure that you take into account the time you have for preparation and for cooking. You can download my planner and 2 great recipes by clicking this link to make it even easier for you. Use this to write your shopping list and order your shopping online if that works for you. You then know what you are going to cook and you have the ingredients all ready.

Base your meals around vegetables and salad

Seasons will affect your choices here but aim to always fill half of your plate with vegetables. This could be a stir fry, roasted vegetables or a salad and this is in addition to the peppers, onions, mushrooms or courgettes that may well be part of your main dish. Vegetables are filled with nutrients and will fill you up too. No more excuses for not hitting your 5 a day!

Use your leftovers

A great piece of advice from Celebrity Chef Melissa Helmsley is that you should look at what is left at the end of the week and ask yourself whether you can use those ingredients to make either a soup or a frittata. The answer is invariably yes and that easily solves the end of week dilemma when your cupboards are looking decidedly bare.

I am sure that you will have found my 5 tips useful. I regularly share recipes and ideas in my fit4evermore Community Facebook Group so if you want to see more then make sure you join here. Last week I shared the recipe for my Falafel Sausage Rolls which were really popular and I have loved seeing the photos and your comments as to how much you enjoyed them. There will be a fit4evermore Recipe Collection published later in the year so make sure that you look out for that.  

I would love to hear your comments.


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