Who remembers the days when we spent our time worried about babies sleeping through the night, feeding, weaning, walking and saying their first words? We talked about who was doing what, how to deal with tantrums and ways to hide vegetables in food. And now in a flash they are as big as we are, pumped with hormones and facing challenges that it feels as if we faced only a few years ago.

Choosing subjects, studying for exams, first love and the list goes on. How quickly it came and how completely unequipped we can feel to offer advice and words of wisdom. It all goes so fast and with it comes the realisation of the years that have passed and how we have aged too. One minute it is the start of a new year and in a flash we are at the summer again. You learn to appreciate what you have and to think carefully about the decisions that you make.

All too soon things change and we all have to pull together and move on. The message today is to savour every moment and to grasp the opportunities that come your way. Do the best you can and don’t be scared to admit when it is all too hard and you need support. Cherish your loved ones and grow together. You will never regret what you do, only what you wish you had. Go out there and make every minute count. We have one chance and this is yours.

I will leave you with some great advice I was once given. Put simply – People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Keeping that in mind as I go through my day really helps to keep it all in perspective.

Enjoy your holidays whatever you have planned and enjoy your time with family and friends. We all need a break and a change of pace. I am off to Loch Ness and looking forward to a week filled with family, activity and time to read my book!

Clare x

One thought on “Holidays – a change of pace, time to reflect and connect with family

  1. Definitely agree with that and I’m so glad I’ve read it just before my wk end away. As usual you always motivate me and make me look at things in a different perspective. Hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing u when u get back xx

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