Why is it that we can put off doing something for months, years even to then discover that it is what we should have been doing all along? As part of my business vision I had always talked about running a group plan. I dabbled a bit when I ran my Bootcamps at the Sports Centre 7 years ago or so but stopped short of it being a structured plan. I have run classes in blocks and even did a ‘Take Control of Sugar’ online plan but avoided running a group fitness plan. That is until April 2019. I finally took the plunge and launched my plan with only 6 workouts and a basic outline prepared in advance. The rest is history. I am loving it and plan to run the next one in August.

It is as if everything that I have done to this point has been leading me here. I am using all the expertise and experience gleaned over the last 8 years and turning it into a plan that will transform the fitness and perhaps even the lives of those taking part. To think that my big concern was that people wouldn’t stick to it and therefore would not see the results that I get from working with clients on an individual or paired basis.

‘I have really enjoyed taking part in the group plan knowing that everyone is working hard as well.’

I have been astounded by the commitment and determination that I have seen so far. We are nearing the end of week 4 and I see multiple messages in the WhatsApp group each day ticking off another workout or outlining training plans for the week ahead. It is a supportive and enthusiastic group and they are quick to congratulate and cheer each other on. I have been motivated to do more and to train harder than I have for a long time. The results are starting to come too. I hear reports of feeling stronger, having more energy and sleeping better. Bodies are getting tighter and joints are less painful. There have of course been lots of sore muscles and the manoeuvre from standing to sitting has challenged us all post workout!

‘I am really enjoying the programme, the support and encouragement of the group really keeps me motivated. I feel SO much better and know I will continue exercising and eating better due to the knowledge and tools given to me during the plan!’

There were concerns at the start from a number of members that they would struggle to get the workouts done without me stood there. It turns out that using the recording of me doing the workouts works well plus the post in the WhatsApp group to tick off another workout at the end is motivation enough. Everyone is working hard and doing more than pre plan. Three members have been away on holiday and still completed their workouts! There are exercises completed whilst waiting for the bath to run, whilst the kettle boils and some are finding that it is hard to sit down and do nothing now that they have so much more energy.

We have completed Outdoor Bootcamps pushing many of the team way out of their comfort zone. To their surprise they have loved them, so much so that I have scheduled an extra one and plan to continue them after the plan ends. Who knew what a difference 4 weeks could make!

‘A motivating and supportive experience, shared with those with a common goal of healthy eating and exercise.’

I am so thrilled with the way that with the way that it is working. My concerns that no-one would do the work have proved unfounded. They are all focused on needing to put in the work to be ready for the next lot of ever more challenging workouts. They build over the 8 weeks and at the end there is a fitness test to repeat to measure progress. Everyone wants to beat their scores and to wear the team t shirt with pride. I am looking forward to our celebration at the end of the 8 weeks. It will be well deserved and I am excited to see just how far we have all come.

‘I enjoy the community for getting better fitness. I always work harder with others and notice improving after the first few weeks. Clare always has good advice and lots of information to support everyone’

I have loved working with this group and would go so far as to say that I have got a huge amount from the plan too. It has really energised me and helped to decide where my focus will be in the months to come. I love my individual and paired sessions and have no intention of making changes there. What I will do is to grow my Group Get Moving Plan alongside these and run it 3 or 4 times each year. I can’t wait to see how it develops over the next 12 months.

‘I am really enjoying the feeling that I am in control of my fitness now with a structured plan. Thank you.’

It is hard sometimes to see what our time is best spent doing. You need to really focus on what you enjoy and find a way to play to your strengths. By sharing your passion you can help others to transform too. It is easy to be distracted and to continually pursue the next shiny thing. Sometimes it is about taking a step back and trusting your own instincts. Life has a habit of turning out for the best and you have to put faith in yourself. It doesn’t always work as you hope but if you don’t try you will never know.

If my Group Get Moving Plan has caught your attention then you can register your interest here. I will keep you updated and let you know when the plan is launched in July. You will get access to my exclusive launch price that will only be available to those who register in advance. With spaces limited this is the best chance you have of securing a place and at the offer price. That sounds like a win/win to me!

Just in case you needed any more persuading, here are some more comments made by the group who are working through the plan right now.

The plan is well structured and all the information you need supplied in an easy to read and understandable way. The weekly emails are excellent, the group and trainer support makes all the difference. Highly recommended.’

‘Easy to follow plan with great support’

So far, so good…..’

I genuinely can’t wait to see the results that the first plan achieves and I will be sharing them with you at the start of July. Don’t forget to register your interest now to get access to the early bird offer price. You are only committing to receive the details at this stage not to sign up! To find out more about fit4evermore and to get involved please follow the 3 steps below.

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