If you want to get fitter join the Skipping Challenge

Skipping uses virtually every muscle in your body. I can remember skipping as a child and it was a bit of a shock all these years later to discover how challenging it really is. It certainly feels very different now and definitely delivers an amazing fitness boost. Skipping will get your heart rate up, strengthen and tone your legs and glutes and fire up your core. Your brain will work hard coordinating your movement and your arms and shoulders are doing more than you think moving the rope. You will see improvements to your speed and balance too.

After the Burpees last month I was keen to run another challenge and heading into the summer skipping seemed to be the perfect choice. It is a quick burst of activity and easy to fit into your day. You can skip inside or out although outside gives the perfect chance to get some fresh air and sunlight. You can skip with or without a rope. Clearly my preference would be for you to use a rope but exercise is exercise so if using a rope is a step too far for you then simulate the movement without, including moving your arms.

The fit4evermore Skipping Challenge lasts for 15 days and will only take you 5/10 minutes each day.

There are 2 stages. For the first 10 days the focus is on building up the daily total of skips and then after that we work back down whilst adding in some Tabata intervals. If you already have a good level of fitness then you can repeat the daily skips to give more of a challenge.

I will start the challenge on Sunday 4th June running until 18th June. I will post each day at 7am on my fit4evermore Facebook page so make sure you have liked the page in order to see the posts. I would love you to add your comments too as you work through the challenge with me. You will need to get your copy of the challenge by following the link below to register.  You can even do it at a time that suits you and choose your own start date.

To register to get your copy please click here asking for the skipping challenge. If you have already emailed then you are on the list and will receive your copy in the next few days.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete the skips each day. You could time yourself and see how much faster you get. Try to do as many as you can without stopping – it will soon build. You will see an improvement in your fitness whatever your level. Why not get the kids involved too?

So send the email to get your copy – it is a good challenge and so much easier than Burpees! I will see you on Facebook on the 4th June for Day 1.

Clare x

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