Ignoring the pain won’t make it go away – this is for everyone who has a niggle and is hoping that it will disappear…..

After having had a flurry of massage clients with training induced injuries I thought it would be worth giving you all a gentle reminder about the importance of taking good care of yourselves. Time after time a sore calf then turns into an Achilles issue or a tight quad triggers knee pain. If you regularly suffer with the same issue then now is the time to take action. So many of the big showstoppers experienced by clients 40+ track back to injuries or weaknesses sustained many years earlier that were never treated. Read on to find out what you could be doing now….

Ignoring it won’t make it better….

My guess is that we all know someone who is struggling with pain of some kind on a daily basis whether it is in their back, knees or shoulders.  It could even be you that suffers.  What tends to happen is that we have a niggle that comes and goes and we ignore it rather than do something about it.  It can get more persistent or more debilitating and at some point your body will not be able to compensate for the weakness any more.
At this stage you are now in chronic pain and ignoring it is no longer an option. You will need to enlist help from your doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist – some of which can prove expensive.  What then tends to happen is that you have a period of time when you can’t exercise, movement is limited and you feel pretty miserable and sorry for yourself.  Once your problem is ‘solved’ i.e. the pain has gone then you can go back to ‘normal.’ 


My questions to you at that stage would be 

What have you done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again?

Have you established exactly what the issue is and worked to build strength both in the area and around it?

Have you identified what you do daily that aggravates your problem and established ways to change this?


It frustrates me to see the amount of time and money people are spending to eliminate the same pain over and over again.  We are all living much longer and need to take really good care of our bodies.  By getting a sense of how your body should feel when everything is in balance, you are more likely to notice small issues before they turn into chronic problems.  A combination of stretching, using a foam roller and regular massage will deliver results and prevent injury.  


You all know how much importance I place on the recovery process.  Every training session involves a full assisted stretch, I have run through a full foam roller sequence with my clients and can send a copy to anyone that would find it useful.  A sports massage often ends in me sending you away with stretches or strengthening exercises to do at home.


So todays message is that we can’t afford to ignore the warning signals that our body gives us. Whether you have a sore shoulder or a pain in your calf then get it seen to. In an appointment with a new client I ask them to perform various movements to see where exactly the issue is. I will then investigate further through massage which can give more information if there is any tightness, tears, redness or excessive warmth. I will complete a treatment and run through a plan of action at the end.

Please take action and look after yourself.  I have a number of clients who have a regular monthly session in order to keep themselves in the best shape and eliminate excess tension before it becomes a problem. The results have been amazing and have made a real difference. They tell me that it is more than worth the investment of £30 per month and an hour of their time to be moving freely and to stay injury free.  If you would like to find out more or to organise a treatment then please call Clare on 07814 788408.

Please email me at clare@fit4evermore.co.uk to request a free copy of the Foam Roller Sequence to follow at home if you don’t already have a copy.

I hope you found that useful – if so please share using the link below.

Clare x

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