It really is that simple! You will have seen the concern around the amount of sugar that we eat in the media and all sorts of strategies to try and cut down our consumption as a nation. Eating too much sugar means that you carry extra weight especially around your middle and can be at the root of many metabolic diseases including Type 2 Diabetes. It is an addiction and your body is wired to take you from one sugar fix to the next. You end up in an exhausting cycle of highs and lows which has a serious effect on your energy and your mood. If you want to change this and to take control then I have a solution for you.

Starting on Monday June 19th I am running my ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’. This is a free course with a series of 5 emails that I will send out to you each morning during the challenge. Each email will take you through a number of steps to help you to make changes to your diet and to reduce the amount of sugar that you eat. I give you all the tools you need with sheets to download and lots of help and tips too. At the end of the ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ I will reveal a special offer that is only available to those who complete the challenge.

Join the free ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ here

I started my journey to ‘Take Control of Sugar’ 16 months ago and I have never looked back. I feel so much better and if I do have more than a little sugar now I feel sluggish and devoid of energy. My mood deteriorates rapidly and I quite honestly feel awful. It isn’t until you take the sugar out that you realise what a hold it has on you. It can feel really daunting to make changes and as if you will have to give up your social life and never eat anything nice ever again. It really isn’t like that at all. Come and join the challenge and I will show you how simple it really is. You will create a plan specific to you. There are no crazy foods or days of starvation. It is all about taking a healthy approach and using it to transform how you feel. Now doesn’t that sound good?

All you need to do to join the challenge is to click on the link below and you will then receive the series of emails starting on Monday 19th June. You will get the most out of the challenge if you work through with me and there is a special offer for you on Day 5 too that is only available for a limited time. You can keep the emails and all the tools that I give you and use to help you again and again.

Join the ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ here

I can’t wait to show you how easy it is and for you to feel so much better. Here are a couple of comments from clients who have already successfully changed their energy levels and waistlines too.

‘I didn’t think that I ate a lot of sugar (hidden or otherwise) and that I had a fairly healthy diet…but I was obviously wrong! I’ve been following the plan for about 4 months now (although it now doesn’t feel like I’m “following a plan”) and I’ve lost about 5 kilos and more than 10cms from my waist…and I’m delighted.  To be fair I have also seen other benefits – less bloating, more energy, better sleep etc but for me the weight and inch loss were the real gain as anyone who knows me will know that I am permanently battling with those.  And the really good thing is that I genuinely don’t miss the sugar, and don’t find it hard to follow the plan.’ Gill

They all expected it to be much harder. Many didn’t realise how much sugar that they were eating hidden in staples like bread, sauces and pasta. Focusing on behaviours and getting you to create your own plan is why this works so well.

‘I’ve found it easy so far and have noticed that I’m not looking for sweet treats in the shop as much.  I’ve done more baking and cooking over the last few weeks which I enjoy but it’ll be hard to maintain when I go back to work…Following Clare’s advice and pre-planning and stocking my freezer with treats as that’s my biggest weakness’ Pam

I will see you on 19th June for Day 1 of the ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ – why not give it a go? Make sure that you have liked the fit4evermore Facebook page to follow the challenge too.

Clare x

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