Here are all the dates and opportunities for you to get fit and healthy in July. Don’t forget that I am on holiday from Sunday 16th July to Monday 24th July inclusive. If you haven’t already given me your holiday dates yet then can you please do so. I am keen to get my diary organised for July and August to make sure that we fit in all the sessions around holiday commitments. I hope that there is something here for everyone – please get in touch if you want any more information or if you can’t see what you are looking for. I am more than happy to come up with an individual plan for anyone wanting a more specific solution.

fit4evermore Challenge Series. You will have seen the May Burpee Challenge and the June Skipping Challenge. These are the first of the fit4evermore Challenge series. The aim is get you to move more and to build regular activity into your day. The series is free and each one lasts for 15 days. July will be about ‘Going the Distance’ with the aim of getting you to go further. Once you have signed up for the series you will receive the details each month and can decide whether to take part. The plan is then yours to keep and you can repeat it at a later stage too. I will post my progress each day on the fit4evermore Facebook page and it has been great to see you all adding your comments too. I would love to see more of taking part. To get your copy by email click here.

FitPack. Many of you have already purchased your copy of ‘FitPack 1’ and have started using the sessions to supplement your existing training. I know that some of you are planning to use it whilst you are away which is great. The feedback has been good so far and I am going to record the sessions for ‘FitPack 2’ next week. This will be available by the end of July so watch this space. At only £9.99 the FitPacks are good value and packed with motivation for you. To get your copy follow the link at the end of this newsletter.

Take Control of Sugar. This has been my focus for the last month with the launch of a new standalone brand. There is the logo, website, Facebook page and the ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ to get you started. You can find out more and buy your plan here.

Outdoor Bootcamp. I have decided not to continue with my Outdoor Bootcamp sessions. I love these classes and will miss the different challenge that they present. Numbers have been dwindling in recent months and I now have other commitments on a Saturday morning that are my priority now. Thank you to everyone who has supported these sessions over the years and I hope to see you again soon. In the autumn I plan to run a Beginners Outdoor Plan so watch this space for more details nearer the time.

55+ Circuits. We have started our usual summer sessions at my house rather than in the Church Hall in Dunlop. The new term will start on Tuesday 22nd August 1,30-2.30pm in Dunlop Church Hall. There will be a 6 week block for £30 with spaces strictly limited as booking is required.

Swimming. After a good break from swimming I have been back in the pool for the last month. I am pleased to say that I have loved it and progressed well. I have been in Loch Lomond again too at the sessions run by Chris Sifleet from Swim4miles. We meet at Luss and swim for around an hour on Sunday mornings. It is suitable for all ages and only £5 a session. So if you have always wanted to give Outdoor swimming a go then here is your opportunity. I am loving it and my next challenge this year will be the Great Scottish Swim. I need to decide what distance to sign up for this year – do I play it safe or go for it???!!!!

Taking time out. Heading into the summer holidays is a great time to take stock and to look after yourself. I hear time and again at the end of a massage that the client feels lighter, longer and had no idea how tense they had been feeling until it released. We all work so hard and keep going and going and that takes its toll on our bodies. I have clients who come for a massage each month keeping the tension under control and ensuring that they are aware of any changes in their bodies much more quickly. Walking around like a tightly coiled spring wastes energy, creates imbalances and will affect everything that you do. Book a massage and feel the difference for yourself. A 45 minute massage is £30 and 60 minutes is £40. If you opt for a monthly massage you get 60 minutes for the price of 45 minutes.

Have your say. Is there anything that you would like to see from fit4evermore over the next 6 months? Here is your opportunity to have an input into plans, blogs, sessions or workshops. I get an idea what you are looking for but it is really helpful to get some feedback directly and from a wider audience than the clients I see each week. Please drop me an email if you have any requests or suggestions big or small.

I hope you all have a great July and enjoy your holidays too. Make sure you keep active and take advantage of the good weather if you are away. Don’t forget to sign up to get your copy of the fit4evermore Challenge series and if you need to add in another workout each week then ‘FitPack’ could be just what you need. Click on the image below for more details.

Clare x


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