Look at the difference 8 weeks of training can make……

I started working with new clients on my ‘Get Moving’ plan in March. A couple of weeks ago I set them the task of giving me five things that they have done/not done/achieved since starting training that they couldn’t or wouldn’t have done before. They could be anything with the proviso that they made them smile. Reading their replies was emotional to say the least. What I am going to do today is share my top five from the last 10 weeks. It is a real privilege to have been a part of their journey – it just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it!

We started with clear goals, benchmarked our starting point with weighing and measuring and agreed a structure for the plan. A weekly training session would be supplemented with a plan to follow at home as well as the goal to follow the Couch to 5k running plan too. I knew that there were some big expectations here as well as lots of enthusiasm and commitment. I could honestly not have asked for more! From day one they have come to training and given it their all. There have been ups and downs and a few wobbles but the results speak for themselves.

My Top 5
  1. The support that they give each other with the FB messages, photos, high fives and hugs. It makes all the difference to have a partner to go through it all with. Changing your life can be emotional and the support of someone to share the load is not to be underestimated.
  2. Seeing the big grins when they surprise themselves and can do more than they expected. Examples would be a 60 second plank that came from nowhere, running for 20 minutes without stopping and a perfect Ab Rollout. They have stepped right out their comfort zone and even joined my Outdoor Bootcamp in the first few weeks. Their confidence has grown and they have done everything they have put their minds to.
  3. Sticking at it despite the challenges faced along the way. Dealing with an ongoing injury has meant that the running had to be put on hold for one and this could have been a real showstopper. Needless to say they have risen above it and worked hard to build strength with a view to running once it is safe to do so. Juggling work, family and other commitments is tough but they have found time to run, go to pilates, train and do the sessions at home. If you really want to do something you will find a way to fit it in.
  4. Inspiring others by sharing their successes with photos, FB posts and telling everyone they meet! They have brought friends to Outdoor Bootcamp, been out running with them and are actively encouraging others to take the plunge. Sharing what you are doing with others is a great way to keep you going and on track too.
  5. My highlight is being thanked for believing in them and for the support that I give. The biggest compliment ever has to be that it is my voice that they hear in their head telling them that they can do this. I’m not sure that anything could top that!!

What a journey! In total 12 inches and 6.8 kilograms have been lost as well as all the other big steps forward. Confidence has grown incredibly and there is no more hiding in baggy training gear. The lycra is on and there is no going back. There is still a long way to go and lots more hard work to come but what a start! Lots of small steps soon add up and these are lasting changes that we are building.

Who would like to be reading my top 5 from their training? If you are feeling inspired and would like to look at starting your fitness journey or taking it to the next level then I would love to hear from you. You can email clare@fit4evermore.co.uk or call 07814 788408.  fit4evermore can be found on Facebook too. 

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