Each month sees a fit4evermore Challenge that will improve your fitness and get you to commit to 15 days of activity. Each challenge is different and for August it is all about your core. To get your email with all the details you need to have signed up for the challenge series here. For July I set you the challenge to go further than you usually would. It was all about moving more. You could choose a level or create your own target. I committed to 82 miles over the 15 days to be a combination of cycling, running, hiking and swimming. The only ‘rule’ was that I couldn’t include what I would normally do. Remember this was about moving more!

What did I learn?

15 days can feel like a very long time. 12 days was fine but those last 3 went on for ever! It is the whole ‘almost there but not quite scenario’. I did complete the challenge but I was very weary by the end. What I did learn is that I can do far more than I had ever thought possible. I did push myself and was surprised to see how much fitter I am than I believed. It goes to show that our minds really can limit us. It was the running that surprised me most as I haven’t done more than 1 run a week for a while. I have run 26 miles for the challenge and without any great trauma. I mixed it up with 2 longer runs, a sprint session and recovery ‘plods’. I ran indoors and out and felt strong. It was hard to get moving some days but I always felt better afterwards. I like ticking off the miles and posting my progress on Facebook gave me an extra degree of accountability.

A Special Mention

Whenever I set a challenge I have an idea of how it will work and an inkling as to who will do it. This is the first challenge that gave you the option to create your own version. Whilst most of you followed a similar format to mine, one client created a completely different challenge! She has been running up and down her stairs to boost her cardio fitness 3 times a day for the 15 days. She created a chart where she could tick off the ‘stairs’ as she did them. The overall total was over 700 climbs. All I can say is WOW. It goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I love the fact that we are individual and are all motivated differently too.

Will I keep going?

Looking back to the Burpee Challenge from May and the Skipping in June, I did them, felt the benefit and moved on. This time I am keen to keep going with the extra distance. I have started looking at events later in the year and writing a training plan to get me where I need to be. That has been really positive and a direct result of this challenge. Sometimes it is about pushing yourself and seeing what you can do. It is in doing so that we find something within ourselves and a sense of what we are really capable of.

If you haven’t completed the challenge then I would definitely recommend doing it. Choose your distance, a starting date and get moving. I know that I wouldn’t have done so much without the challenge and a number of clients have said the same.

What is next?

For August it is all about the CORE. I am often asked for exercises to build core strength so here you go. There will be a series of exercises to complete each day for the 15 days that will challenge your core from every direction and working each muscle group. I would expect all my clients will do the challenge and it will be great for anyone struggling with lower back pain or poor core strength. It will take 16 minutes and can be done at home, no equipment required. Make sure you have signed up here. If you have received previous challenges then you are already on the list and will automatically receive your copy on the 29th July.  The challenge starts on 1st August and I will post my progress daily on the fit4evermore Facebook page. Make sure that you have liked the page and add your comments each day as you work through the challenge. It really helps to keep you on track.

Good Luck with the Core Challenge. I would love to hear how you are getting on and what you would like to see for the next Challenge. Here is your chance to put forward your ideas!


Clare x

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