Seeing so many youngsters getting their exam results and taking the next step towards their future career got me thinking about the path that I took. I have spent a lot of time considering how I might have done things differently if I was doing it all again. If anyone had said to me all those years ago that I would be a Personal Trainer and running my own successful business then I would never have believed it. I certainly went the long way round but I put my faith in my ambitions and have made it happen.

I wouldn’t change what I have now for the world. I love running my own business and doing it my way, In hindsight the signs were always there and I must have been a nightmare to manage. I always saw different ways to do things, ways to improve processes and to improve the customer experience and would end up redefining my role and day to day duties. At least now it is my decision and I don’t need to answer to anyone else! My experience in sales, processing and underwriting has stood me in good stead. If you can successfully sell life, pensions and mortgages then you have resilience and a good understanding of the buying process which makes anything possible!

I love my business and I really enjoy working with every one of my clients. When I first enrolled in my Personal Training course I tied myself in knots at spending over £4000 on something that I couldn’t guarantee would work. Certainly I was told over and over that it was more a hobby than a business opportunity. Fast forward to now and I work with over 40 clients currently and many of them more than once a week. They all work hard and give so much.

I start my day running through my diary and I look forward to each and every session. There are varying degrees of fitness, different levels of motivation and ever moving goals and challenges to conquer. My job is to pitch every session to work each client hard, pushing but not overwhelming, stretching but not overreaching and ensuring that everyone leaves smiling with a genuine sense of achievement. I plan each session and many end with adaptations. We all have good days and bad days. Niggles affect our performance and some days we just can’t do as much as others. Years of experience make it easier to adapt and pitch each session just right. And that is what keeps me challenged. No two days are the same – in fact no two hours are the same. I could give two clients the same workout and it would play out very differently. Each client is an individual and will get a session that stretches them, moves them closer to their goals and sends them away feeling empowered and focused on the week ahead.

And that is the difference that you get by working with a Personal Trainer. It is all about you. No more classes pitched somewhere in the middle or delivering ‘average’ results. No best guess plans found on the internet and ‘tweaked’ by you. You have a plan that is written for you and adapted session by session to keep you challenged and on track. If you want to see who actually works with a Personal Trainer then please click here. You can’t beat that moment when a client does something more than they believed that they could or when they finally start to see what they are really capable of. It is a real privilege and absolutely priceless. So my job satisfaction score is a definite 10/10.

It has taken a lot of hard work, determination and focus but I am really proud of the business that I have built. I have tried lots of different paths along the way including a stint working out of a gym, running classes in halls, after-school activities and outdoor sessions. I have added massage to my business as a direct response to client need. My week is now focused purely on 121, paired and small group sessions and the massage therapy. To have got to the point where I am able to choose exactly what I want to do and to have the confidence to make those decisions is something that I am very proud of.

The future for me is about continuing to do a great job focusing on these elements and to widen my reach through online products and my writing. My first book is in the process of being edited and book 2 is already mapped out. Dreams are so important and believing in yourself makes them a reality. So take your dream and find a way to make it happen. It feels amazing!!!

If you would like to try my style of training and see if it is for you then I would recommend my ‘FitPack 1.’ At only £9.99 this gives you a plan to follow at home with 5 different sessions. You can find out more by following this link.


Clare x

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