Who watched the Michael Mosley programme ‘The Truth about Getting Fit’ on 31st January? I have spoken to so many people who took away the message from this episode that walking 10,000 steps a day is too hard and that there are more effective ways to achieve results. You can see the article here  and see the episode on iPlayer. It was argued that better results would be achieved by three bursts of 10 minutes of brisk walking. It is just as well you couldn’t see my reaction at the time!

Why should you use a Fitness Tracker?

The fit4evermore challenge for March is a direct result of this debate. In a previous blog I looked at whether it is worth using a fitness tracker. You can read my article Fitness Trackers – the latest gimmick or a worthwhile investment? if you haven’t already done so. I also included the subject in my new book. One of the most successful messages that we have heard about fitness in recent years is that we should aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Many have been spurred into action buying pedometers, fitness trackers or using an app on their phones. It is a clear target and for many people it is really challenging as Michael Mosley told us. The reality is that for so many people it is only when they use a tracker that they realise how few steps they are taking. 

‘I don’t even do 500 steps a day!’

I have one client who was horrified to discover that he barely managed 500 steps a day. He has worked hard to build this up to a consistent 5000 steps and his health is improving by the day. It is sadly not uncommon for you to get up and get in the car to drive to work. You park right outside and walk the few steps to your desk. Lunch is taken whilst working and you hardly move before getting back in the car to drive home. There are very few steps to add up there. For someone doing so little, building up to 10,000 steps is a great target. Parking the car at the other end of the car park, taking the stairs and walking at lunchtime all become ways to hit that target. If you aim high you will find a way. 

Missing the point – we need to move more!

When I hear a respected authority dismissing 10,000 steps as less effective than 3 bursts of 10 minutes of brisk walking I shake my head. I really wish that the message had been that 10,000 steps a day is a great target and that building in 3 bursts of brisker walking will boost your results further. It is accepted that we don’t move enough and that most of the nations health issues stem from this fact. A consistent message is emerging from study after study that exercise is the most effective way of improving the nation’s health. Making changes is not easy and it is going to take hard work.

Here is your challenge and the chance to win a free copy of my book

The challenge that I am setting you in March is to do 10,000 steps a day and to do 3 faster bursts within that. If you already do 10,000 steps then you need to add 2,000 to whatever you consistently do. You need to do this for 12 days during March. I have created a log sheet for you to record your progress which you need to download here.  All you need to do is send a photo of your completed form to 07814788408 or email it to clare@fit4evermore.co.uk. If you complete your 12 days by the 20th March you will then be entered into a draw to win a free copy of my book ‘Moving More – Finding your path to a stronger, healthier, happier you.’ All entries must be received by 10am on March 21st 2018. I want to see everyone trying to do more and to think about how they feel as a result. I would love to hear your feedback.

Good Luck!


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