Everywhere you look you see references to ‘Mindfulness’ and the need to slow down and take time out.  I know that I have certainly felt better having tried to operate in something other than 5th gear for at least some of the last year.  As you know I read endlessly about anything exercise, health or fitness related and I am going to share 3 points that really stood out for me this week.

The first relates to the use of mantras in helping us to focus on the positives and our ability to believe in ourselves. An interesting point was made in questioning whether using words like ‘beautiful’ ‘strong’ or ‘successful’ really help us.  Are we not setting ourselves up to fail by using words that are so far removed from our reality?  If we feel fat and unattractive does calling ourselves beautiful really help or on some level does it feed our negativity further?

For the most part a mantra should be about self acceptance.  To say ‘I am enough’ will be more effective than repeating a seemingly unattainable ideal over and over.  That resonates with my experience with many clients.  It is about accepting where you are and for many learning to be kind and finding a way forward is a huge part of that process.

My second moment follows on from this and relates to our inability to accept a compliment.  How many times have you been told that you look great or someone compliments your outfit and your response is to dismiss it or to question it?  We should be able to thank them for their compliment and feel great but instead we say our outfit was a bargain or that they must be kidding rather than taking their words at face value.

A client recently managed to turn a friend having commented on how impressed they were that they had gone out running whilst away on a course as a reflection of how incredibly unfit they must have been before….  It may sound incredulous but we all do it.  Next time you receive a compliment I want you to try a simple ‘thank you’ and enjoy the moment.  Add in the odd ‘I am enough’ and you will begin to see what you are capable of.

My favourite this week though was seeing this quotation which really hit the spot.

‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is stress.  Working hard for something we love is called passion.’ Simon Sinek

I think that says it all.

The message that I want to leave you with is that you need to work out what is important to you and what really matters.  If you focus on these you will blossom.  Get rid of all those things that you feel that you ought to be doing and that drain you and drag you down. Go with your passion and see what the possibilities are.  Set a goal that scares you a little and see what you can do when you try.

Build your mantra and find a way to believe in yourself.  Accept compliments and give them too.  Make someone else’s day.

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