‘Weak core, lower back pain, wobbly belly, weak pelvic floor.’ These are the most common cries I hear from clients. So my August fit4evermore challenge was all about Core Strength. Importantly this is not only for those suffering from any of the above complaints but for everyone wanting to ensure they don’t suffer in years to come! Today I will share with you my observations and those from others who completed the challenge. Read on for your chance to get a copy before we move on to the September ‘Stretch & Strengthen’ Flow.

What was involved?

We completed 7 different core exercises for a minute each with a cardio blast before repeating the circuit. Each day we spent 16 minutes on the Core Challenge which was easy to fit in and didn’t require any equipment at all.

Did it work?

The intention was to challenge your core from every direction – front, side and back – and to build overall strength. I can certainly feel a difference having made a concerted effort for the 15 days of the challenge. Feedback from others confirmed that they did too.

‘Definitely seen an improvement over the 2 weeks. Feeling stronger core.’ Helen

Most days I completed the challenge after my run and I think that it really helped to release tension in my hamstrings and hip flexors. Another client reported the same saying that ‘maybe tagging the abs on the end of the workout has helped to stretch me out.’ Kirsty

Keeping going

What is more I have continued with the challenge after the 15 days which is a first. In previous months I have forced myself to complete the last few days desperate to no longer have to do the burpees or to skip or to run. I have created a version based on repetitions rather than timings that I can do at the end of my workouts to build on the difference I can feel already.  Others have said that they will continue too with another client setting themselves the challenge to do it twice each week to complement their Personal Training session and golf commitments.

As always it was interesting to see the comments as we worked our way through. I loved to hear from Joyce that she was ‘enjoying it though and finding it motivates me to get through more in the morning at work.’ It seemed to change as to which exercise felt hardest with the Reverse Curls and the side plank getting more negative comments than any of the others.

‘finding it quite hard so far, side planks especially the left are probably the worst but determined to keep going’ Audrey.

We are all built differently and have varying strengths and weaknesses. That is why it is so important to take a comprehensive approach to building your core strength. Doing the exercises that you like or find easy will not help and can even make imbalances worse. This core challenge works and helps to address your weaknesses.

This is your last chance to get your copy of the Core Challenge before we move on to month 5.

And on to September…

So we have had the Burpee challenge, the Skipping challenge, the ‘Going the Distance’ and then the Core challenge. My aim with the fit4evermore Challenge series is to get more people moving more. There will be 12 months of challenges covering a whole range of activities and elements of fitness. At the end of the year I intend to publish the series as a resource for everyone to use to shake up their training and to build their fitness. You all have the chance to get the series for free during the year as it is released monthly.

To get your free fit4evermore Challenge series monthly by email you can sign up here.

For September the challenge is a ‘Stretch & Strengthen’ flow. I see so many clients who have tight muscles and who are getting less and less flexible as they age. This challenge is designed to build your flexibility and to stretch out key muscle groups.

What is involved?

For this challenge there is a sequence of exercises for you to complete. You will then repeat the sequence a number of times determined by your current level of fitness. Make sure that you have signed up using the links above to get your copy. It is then entirely your decision whether to take part – there is no commitment or cost at all.

The challenge will start on Friday 1st September for 15 days. I post my progress on Facebook each morning so please make sure that you have liked the fit4evermore Facebook page. I love to hear how you are all doing so comments on my posts, emails and texts are very welcome.

Well done to all those who took part in the Core Challenge and I am looking forward to seeing you all for the September ‘Stretch & Strengthen’ Flow

Clare x

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