Overindulged on holiday? Read on to find a great offer to get you back on track

Holidays are great times. You only need to look at Facebook over the last few weeks to see photos of families away enjoying time together in the sun. It’s great to take time out of your routine and to relax. We all work hard and a change of pace is a good thing. It’s only when you get back and into your routine that you realise the difference that all those treats, cocktails and meals out have made. Getting bigger has a real impact on our health and how we feel. Here is your chance to take advantage of my offer to get you back on track. Enjoy and please share with family and friends too using the link below.

An important message

I try and switch off when I’m away but it is hard with newspapers, magazines and social media to shut off completely. It seems as though there is more and more being written about the effect that our diet is having on our health. In the space of a week I watched a documentary about the World’s best diet, read the opening couple of days of the Daily Mail’s series titled ‘How to feel fabulous – Cut carbs, quit sugar and eat MORE fat’ and an article reporting on recent research by the Obesity Health Alliance highlighting the link between obesity and disease and warning that we could be looking at 7.6m new cases of disease (including type 2 diabetes and cancer) by 2035 if nothing is done.

It all sounds like doom and gloom but there is a really important message for us all here. Put simply what you eat has a direct impact on our health and our future. You can read the articles and dismiss as scaremongering or see them as touting the latest fad, but in reality we are getting bigger year on year and many of the health conditions are a direct consequence of obesity. The NHS is struggling to cope and so many people are now having to take medication and have treatment for conditions that used to affect a small minority and are now mainstream.


When I took the decision to cut out added sugar and processed food in March, I had no idea how much better I would feel as a result and I would have said that my diet was already pretty healthy. I’m sure that many people looked at my posts of food and recipes and thought that it all looked great but decided that it wasn’t something that they could do. I created an 8 week plan available online and the results with my first clients have been great. There have been challenges along the way but energy levels are up, waistlines have shrunk and skin improved.

My plan may not be for everyone and does involve a real shift in mindset but I would urge you all to have a good look at what you eat. Be brutal. Write down everything you ate and drank yesterday and look at where you struggle to make healthy choices. Do you skip breakfast or fill up on sugary cereals? Is it biscuits with your tea or cakes in the afternoon? What about your portion sizes? Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables every day? What about alcohol? We make so many choices every day and it can be really easy to get into bad habits. You can’t out train a bad diet and it is really important to eat as well as you can. Going back to basics and cooking healthy meals with fresh vegetables is the best place to start.

‘Coming to the end of my first week of the plan I am surprised to find how different I already feel. I am hungry a lot, it’s horrifying to learn how strongly addicted to refined sugar I have been. My facial skin was awful just before I started and has cleared significantly. I feel cleaner inside, and my digestion is functioning more normally too. I am tasting food differently, and really enjoying all the new recipes. Clare’s Facebook group is fab, it motivates me to try different recipes. Biggest benefit of all is how much better I’m looking after myself. I’ve got more energy so I’m exercising more. So far so good’ F.Robinson

I feel so passionate about the need to get more of you to focus on your health and what you eat that I am offering 10 of my ‘Take Control of Sugar and Reclaim your Energy’ plan for only £49.00 until 31st July (usual price £79.99.)

If you are looking for step by step instructions and all the tools to make changes then this is for you. There are 9 weekly emails full of recipes and tips to make it as easy as possible. You will be able to access the Facebook Group which gives lots of support, more recipe ideas and a chance for you to share your experiences too.

So if you want to make changes and have all the hard work done for you then make sure you book your plan now. Don’t forget there are only 10 plans available at the offer price before 31st July 2016 so you need to act now!

I hope that I have at least made you think about your diet and where you can make some quick fixes. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the plan then call 07814 788408 or email clare@fit4evermore.co.uk. Don’t forget to share this with anyone else who might find it useful and to subscribe to receive my blogs if you have not already done so.

Clare x

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