You only have to open a magazine and you will find someone telling us that we need to take better care of ourselves. We all know what we should be doing but life takes over with work and family commitments. We can be full of good intentions but more often than not we wind up at the end of another week having made little or no progress. I started with a morning routine and this is what I learnt in the process.

So how can we break the cycle and start to take some of the great advice we see?

It will come as no surprise that the key to success is all about the preparation. Too often we try to change too many things all at once. What happens is that we manage to stick with it for a couple of days, sometimes longer but before long old habits creep back in and we find ourselves back at square one.

 Start by establishing a morning routine.

I firmly believe that getting your day off to a great start is the best place to focus your energy. Struggling to get up, running out of time and doing everything for everyone else leaves you frazzled before you have even started. So I am going to share with you the routine that I have created for myself. I am sure that there are parts that may work for you and others that won’t. It is all about finding your own routine and working to establish new habits.

  1. I aim to get up at 6am every day. It has been established that in order to sleep well you need to establish a routine that you follow every single day. I played at this for a while but once I actually really committed to go to bed and to get up at the same time whatever the day, my sleep quality improved considerably. There are odd days when it doesn’t quite happen but I feel the difference and soon get myself back on track.
  2. I start my day with a cup of Pukka ‘Tumeric Gold’ tea. This was a concerted effort to delay the start of my coffee consumption. I sit down with my tea and mentally walk through the day ahead. I don’t drink enough water throughout the day so an extra cup of herbal tea at the start makes a big difference.
  3. At 6.30am I exercise. This can be different day to day depending on what there is in my diary. As a minimum I will walk an uphill brisk mile on the treadmill and complete one of my free fitevermore challenges. I find it challenging some days if I have 7 or 8 hours of sessions or massages to do many steps so I feel better if I get off to a good start. It saves me getting stressed later on and makes me feel great.
  4. Whilst exercising I listen to a podcast using the app on my iPhone. I use the time to get my brain working and for developing my wellness and business knowledge. Favourites include the ‘Lifestyle Newshound’, ‘Liz Earle Well being’ and Carrie Green’s ‘Female Entrepreneur Association.’ I like moving and thinking and feel energised by the end. This time is all about me and my self development. The girls know that I am not available until 7am and that really works. I am in a much better place by then to deal with their needs having focused on my own first.
  5. At 7am I go and wake the girls before getting in the shower. That means that I have exercised, stretched and showered and am ready to face the rest of my day.

It may only be just over an hour each day but it has made an incredible difference to me.

I am wide awake.

I have moved.

My brain is in gear.

I have a sense of achievement.

I start my day feeling calmer and better able to deal with whatever else comes my way.

I liked this quotation from ‘Lifetonic : A Modern Toolkit to Help You Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul’ by Jody Shield.

All of us need a self care routine. A practice that we commit to every day, morning or evening. It becomes a habit, and one you will need to increase during stressful times in your life. Balance out the stress, and invest in yourself with positive, nourishing things.

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What does your self care routine look like? What has worked for you that you can share? Do you have suggestions or any recommendations for podcasts to listen to?

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