‘Give me the 2 biggest challenges you face right now with regards to health/fitness/mindset?’

I asked this question in my Facebook Group with a pretty good idea what the responses would be. It was great to see so many comments and I certainly wasn’t surprised to find that ‘time’ or rather the lack of it, was a recurring theme.

I’m going to play hard ball here and throw the challenge back to you. I firmly believe that you will find time to do the things that are important to you. It can be hard to juggle all your priorities but if you value something enough then it will get done. You will be familiar with the saying that whether you tell yourself you can or you can’t you will be right.

You have to find time for what is important to you

It really is true. Let’s say that you know that you should be doing more exercise and taking better care of yourself. Your schedule is full to overflowing with work and family commitments. You feel overwhelmed, overstretched and you can’t imagine where you would find time to workout. That is as far as most people get. It is too hard so once again you repeat that you want to exercise but you can’t find the time.

Now let’s imagine that a friend calls and suggests that you meet for lunch. My guess is that you will find time in that same busy schedule for that. What about if your daughter asked if you could take her shopping or have a friend over? Or maybe your son wants to start a new activity. I think that you would find a way to accommodate that even if it meant cancelling your own plans.

I’m hoping that you are starting to see where I am going with this. You are too busy to find an hour for yourself but there is time to flex and fit in all these other activities for everyone else.

If this sounds familiar then the solution is for you to make a shift in your mindset. I can already feel you switching off and maybe even choosing not to read any further! If that is you then you really do need to hear this.

Knowing you ‘should’ will get you nowhere

You will never get round to doing something that you think that you SHOULD do. Saying that you would do it if you had more time gets you nowhere. You need to make a decision. If it is important to you to get fitter and to take care of yourself then do it! If it isn’t a priority then make the decision not to do it and stop using it as something else to feel guilty about.

I can’t begin to explain how much better you will feel if you make the same investment in yourself that you automatically make in everyone else. Your ability to do well and a to do a good job at anything starts from how you feel. Looking after yourself means that you have a greater capacity to look after others. You have more energy. You feel valued. You feel less resentful and stressed about everything else you have to do. You have something to look forward to and to look back on and smile.

Making a small investment in yourself is key

We all started with a small step. It is amazing what a difference even 30 minutes can make. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to then find more time in your schedule. Remember this is a mindset shift. You can find time by being more organised, planning ahead and asking for help. Meal planning, online shopping, limiting internet scrolling, getting up earlier/going to bed later are all options.

Time to share what changes you will make

It is time to shift that mindset and make a commitment to yourself. I would love to hear what changes you are making and where you have found the time. By sharing your tips you will inspire others and help them to make the shift too. Maybe you don’t agree with me and think I have got it wrong. I would love to hear those thoughts too!

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