Why is it that the minute you start being careful about what you eat, you think about food all the time? Smart snacking can really help you to stay in control and to keep those cravings at bay. You can follow my 5 tips to fill you up with important nutrients and to maintain your energy levels whilst losing weight.

Ask yourself if you are actually hungry?

The big tip here is to ask yourself whether you would eat fruit and vegetables right now. If not then you are probably not hungry. I call it the ‘Apple test’. If you aren’t hungry enough to eat the apple then have a cup of tea or a glass of water instead.

Make your snacks count

Fill up on protein and fibre. By making sure that your snacks fill you up and are full of key nutrients you will keep those sweet cravings at bay. Try hard boiled eggs, unsalted nuts, apple slices with nut butter, houmous and carrot or pepper and plain full fat yoghurt with berries.

Plan in advance

If you wait until you are hungry before deciding what to eat then you are asking for trouble. Research shows that we make poor decisions and grab the first food we can find when hungry. This is usually high in fat, sugar and calorie laden. If you take your snacks with you then you stay in control. You will have pre portioned the snack too and are then less likely to overeat.

Pay attention when you eat.

Staring at a screen shovelling food in without thinking about it is a recipe for disaster. When you are distracted you don’t register what you are eating and are far more likely to overeat. You will not be aware of whether you are full or not. Make sure that whenever you eat you pay attention and listen to the signals that your body is giving you. Be aware of when you are full and stay in control.

Keep Fruit where you can see it.

You are most likely to eat the food that is visible in your house. Make sure that the healthy foods like fruit are in sight and give yourself the best chance you can.

If you follow all of these tips then you will be off to a great start. 

Do you have a tip to share with me? I would love to hear what works for you in staying on track with your eating and any recipes/snack ideas too.

Clare x

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