It’s British Summer Time! Here is hoping that there will be no more snow. It has been a long, cold winter and it is time for some sunshine. This is the ideal time to find your motivation and to get moving again. Over the winter we don’t exercise as much as we planned. We have eaten more than intended and are carrying a few extra pounds. As we start to make plans for the summer thoughts turn to bikinis, shorts and bare skin. Before panic sets in, I am going to share 3 easy steps that you take right now to get on track. It can be hard to get started but if you don’t take the first step then another week will have passed and another and another. Make this the year that you head off on holiday feeling and looking amazing. Sounding good? Let’s get started.

3 easy steps to get on track and end your hibernation

Eating Well

Winter is all about comforting foods and when the sun is shining it feels fine to start eating salads and lighter meals. We are in that no man’s land right now so we need to change our focus. Eating seasonally is a great place to start. I want you to use these foods as the basis of your meals. Use these to shake up your weekly menu. When foods are in season they taste so much better. Include lots of variety and make your plate as colourful as you can.

In the UK these are the foods that are in season in Spring – cauliflower, kale, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, spring onions, jersey royals, asparagus, radishes, salad leaves, watercress, blood oranges, pineapple, rhubarb.

If you start with your vegetables when planning your meals, you will ease away from the reliance on stodgy carbs and comfort foods that have got you through the winter. Remember that half your plate should be filled with vegetables – another useful measure you could use is to have 2 full handfuls of vegetables with every meal.

You can share your photos and recipes in the fit4evermore Community Facebook Group here. Let’s help each other to try new foods and to keep going.

Spend Time Outside

As we have more hours of sunshine and it starts to get warmer (she says hopefully!) you need to take advantage of the opportunity to get outdoors. You instantly feel better and sunlight is great mood booster. The current advice is that we don’t get enough Vitamin D during the winter and we should all be taking a supplement. Getting outside is a great way to boost your levels naturally. Go for a walk, a run, a cycle or sit on your doorstep with a cup of tea. Take time planting and tidying in the garden and get ready for the warmer weather. It really does help.

Set Yourself a Challenge

Having a focus is so important if you are looking to make a change. You need a reason to get you to alter your behaviours and to get you to do something different. Over the past 12 months I have run a free fitness challenge each month for my subscribers. The last one will run in April and is going to be slightly different. This time you are going to set yourself goals and I am going to give you the tools to measure your progress.

We will start with a fitness test that you will then repeat 30 days later. It will take around 16 minutes to complete and will involve seeing how many of a series of exercises you can complete in a minute. You have the option to weigh and measure yourself too. This will work well for you if you are results driven and have a competitive streak. What you do to improve your performance within the 30 days is up to you. Clearly your activity levels and your food intake will affect how big an improvement you see. This challenge is suitable for all fitness levels and there will be the usual variations to take account of sore knees/wrists/shoulders etc. Click here to find out how to get your copy. If you have been already registered for the Challenge series then you don’t need to do anything to register.

I would love you to get involved and to share your progress in my fit4evermore Community Facebook Group. I plan to run similar challenges on a regular basis so all feedback would be appreciated to make sure that I get it as user friendly as possible.

The challenge will be free. However I am raising funds for the British Heart Foundation which is one of my charities for 2018. I am going to be walking the 62 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh in July in aid of the British Heart Foundation. If you are able to donate £5 for taking the challenge that would be much appreciated. Here is the link to my Just Giving Page.

To get details of the challenge and to take part click here

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