Welcome to the fit4evermore Challenge Series.

In May I launched the Challenge Series. My mission is to get more people moving more. There will be 12 months of challenges covering a whole range of activities and different elements of fitness. Each challenge lasts for 15 days and I will post my progress on the fit4evermore Facebook page daily with a blog at the end bringing together the comments and experiences of those who took part. At the end of the year I intend to publish the series as a resource for everyone to use to shake up their training and to build their fitness. You all have the chance to get the series for free during the year as it is released each month.

So far we have had the Burpee challenge, the Skipping challenge, the ‘Going the Distance’, the Core challenge, the September Flow and the October Isometric Challenge. Not everyone has done all the challenges with me but you can keep them to use at a later stage.

You can get the challenge whilst it is live before we move on to the next. Once you have signed up to receive the challenge series all future editions will come automatically each month. If you have missed some of the challenges you will have the chance to purchase the full series at the end.   

To get your free fit4evermore Challenge series monthly by email you can sign up here.





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