Surge into Summer with fit4evermore.

Now that we have seen the sun we are starting to think about the summer holidays. Hands up if you are dreading wearing shorts and swimsuits! Instead of sitting on the beach feeling awful and wishing you had lost weight/ toned up/got fitter, why don’t you do something different for June? Here is your chance to feel and look great and to enjoy your holiday without the negative thinking. Read on to find out more. I would love you to share with friends and family too. Enjoy x

Surge into Summer

Variety and keeping challenged is the key to seeing progress in your training. Regardless of how fit you are your body will quickly adapt to whatever you put it through and there will come a point when you don’t see any further gains. We are creatures of habits and tend to do the same classes or sessions each week. That is why when you start something new you see improvements but then after a while that tails off and you hit the dreaded plateau.

Here is the opportunity to try something different and see great results. For June why not add in a combination of kettlebells, weights, TRX and bodyweight exercises to shake things up? Sessions will be tailored to your specific goals and address any imbalances or injuries you are struggling with too. As the saying goes ‘if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!’

I am offering a 4 week block of training to get you ready for summer. You are making a commitment for 4 weeks. You may be starting your fitness journey or training for a specific event. The training will be geared to you and designed to achieve the results you are looking for. Each session will be different and keep you challenged. You have the option of training by yourself, as a pair or in a small group of 3. I am offering this opportunity for 4 plans in June so you will need to act quickly. Training is available on a Monday morning, Thursday afternoon and on a Sunday. 
What is included?
  • 4 x 60 minute training sessions
  • 2 x 60 minute Outdoor Bootcamp sessions
  • Plan to follow at home
  • Option for a running plan to work through at home

Training will commence week beginning 30th May and finish on 26th June. Sessions can be indoor or outdoor and take place at my gym or an agreed location if outdoor.

The Outdoor Bootcamp sessions run on 11th and 25th June 8-9am in Stewarton. These are both Saturdays and we meet at the Sports Centre Car Park in Stewarton.


Individual – £99

Paired – £49 each

Trio – £35 each

You need to pay for your plan upfront and session dates and times will be agreed at the outset. I will send you a short questionnaire to complete to establish your goals, level of fitness and the training you do at the moment. If there are any areas of concern then we can address these – this could be sore knees, tight hamstrings or shoulder problems for example.

The sessions are Personal Training sessions not a class and will be specifically designed for you. No more hiding at the back of a class hoping you can keep up and not being able to do everything. You will work hard and be challenged with lots of variety and the chance to try some new things. The great thing is that you will see results quickly with changes in shape, size as well as being able to do far more too.

Next Steps

There are 4 plans available at the offer price so you need to act quickly to book your slot. These can be for 1, 2 or 3 people so if you want to train with friends you can do so. You could be a beginner or fit already and any age over 16.

To book or to find out more please email or call/text 07814788408. Places will be allocated on a first come basis. 

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