All I can say is WOW.

I have had the best sleep that I can remember. My tracker tells me that I had twice as much deep sleep as I would usually have and I honestly feel amazing.  You may be surprised to hear that the change is the result of a day at the OM Yoga show in Glasgow yesterday.  For all you cynics out there (I used to be one of them) bear with me and let me explain.

This was our second year of going to the show and we had signed up to do workshops and planned our time more carefully.  Last year we arrived, wandered round, stumbled on a couple of workshops and then left.  This year we certainly made the most of the opportunity.  Starting the day with 90 minutes of ‘Finding Silence with Susan Johnston’ was a good choice.   I have never felt so relaxed and completely grounded.  After lunch we did ‘Fire up the Core’ with Kyle Gray and that was great fun.  What a character!  I was hot and shaking in places I have never felt before and I loved it.  We then did ‘Optimise your Health and Vitality with Dru Yoga’ run by Lily McFaralane.  I have been to many classes run by Lily so knew what to expect from this one.

My perception of Yoga had always been that it was cliquey and for slightly offbeat perfect people.  I have learnt that the yoga community is incredibly welcoming and kind.  No one judges or criticises, it is all about support and genuine interest in who you are and what makes you tick.  As Susan Johnston said yesterday it is no longer fashionable to live frantically busy lives.  We are starting to understand that we need to slow down and relax and to connect with ourselves and others.

The OM Yoga show gave the perfect opportunity to do just that.  It was busy, with people of all ages, sizes and physiques.  We sat in awe of some of the flexibility we saw and the many lithe, defined bodies.  It felt good to challenge my body and mind differently and I came away exhausted and drained.  I don’t think that I could have managed anything more last night than dinner, bath and bed.  I felt calm and relaxed.  My body however was getting stiffer by the minute but two and a half hours of yoga and an Outdoor Bootcamp earlier in the morning would have taken its toll.

So this morning I am rested and still a little spaced out.  I am also incredibly keen to continue my yoga journey and to find a way to build it into my week.  Up until now it has been a bit sporadic but that is going to change.  I am really excited and keen to learn more.  It was good to see how much flexibility I still have and I would love to see that develop with regular practice.  Maybe the acrobat is still inside somewhere!  I do accept however that at 44 years old I need to be careful… The change in pace however is evidently good for me and quietens the noise going on inside my head.

It is good to try new things and to find your tribe.  I am always amazed at how many people attend these shows and events too.  Feeling a sense of belonging is a great feeling and it spurs you on.  If you haven’t tried yoga then I would urge you to give it a go.  Or maybe there is something else that you have always fancied but never quite got round to.  Make it your mission this week to come up with a plan.  Please let me know how you get on and share any ideas and recommendations too.

I’m off to write my plan now….


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