Wow – life can be busy. School holidays add a whole new level of crazy with a 13th Birthday, Easter and a Half Marathon! So, in the midst of all the chaos I had scheduled time to focus on the next stage of writing my book. 

You will remember that I had asked for volunteers to contribute by answering a series of questions for me. I was thrilled by the response and the time that individuals had taken to answer the questions. Out of the 16 offers I had 11 contributors all of whom will receive their free PDF copy of the book once it is complete. I have a host of recipes and tips for staying focused. There are accounts of events entered and favourite workouts. My task has been to weave all of these into my first draft and work out what to use and where. It has gone really well and I have even added in a new chapter covering ways to keep on track when it all feels too hard.

The next stage is to add in all the tools to make transformation easy from planners to resources you can access online. From there it is all about editing and the format. Recipes need photos and a book needs a cover. All is still on track to publish in September which will give me time over the summer to get the launch planned and ready to go. 

It is exciting but scary too. I don’t think that I have ever felt so exposed since standing at the front of that first circuits class I taught all those years ago. For the most part reactions have been positive but a couple of times I have been left feeling as if I am being self indulgent and wasting my time. There have been wobbles but I strongly believe that I have something to say that will help more people to get stronger, healthier and happier. It is pulling together lots of experience and if it changes even a couple of lives then it is worth it.

What is more, I have learnt a huge amount about myself in the process. I love to write and can happily scribble away for hours on end losing all track of time. It is so much easier doing something that you enjoy and are passionate about. It is often said that we all have a book in us – I am starting to feel like mine is really taking shape. I have a long way to go but it is progressing according to my plan and that is a huge achievement.

This week has shown me that ‘normal’ does not exist in relation to family life. There is always something to upset plans and add in pressure. Sickness, changing deadlines, holidays, visitors – they all take time that you didn’t really have in the first place. You can however, always find ways to rejig things and find an extra hour if you look. That’s why I’m sitting here at 5.30am whilst everyone else sleeps! You will feel better having made some progress and better able to cope with whatever the rest of the day throws at you. So make it your priority to make some progress today. It could be writing, doing yoga practice or catching up with emails. Ring fence some time and get it done – everything else can wait for you for a change! 

Comment and let me know what you found time for. Please like and share too.

Clare x

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