The opportunities we take and the experiences we have shape who we are and what we achieve. When you look back you see a series of moments that came about as a result of things you did, decisions you made and chances you did or didn’t take. Todays blog is all about why seizing the opportunities and stepping outside your comfort zone is worth the leap.

Whilst on holiday in Inverness, we went for a walk looking for somewhere to get into the loch and to swim in our wetsuits. Now I am a bit square and always have been. I am very aware of rules and of doing what everyone else does or what we are supposed to do. The swimming that we have done in Loch Lomond has pushed me a little but at Luss we walk in from the beach and exit the water in the same way. I don’t even notice the bottom of the loch (which was a previous trauma) as the focus is firmly on keeping moving in order to stay warm.

Going back to Inverness then, in the absence of a path we ended up following my husband as he headed off forging his own way through the undergrowth. At times we were waist deep, falling into gulleys and we all laughed until we cried and had to stop. It was all worth it as we reached the shore. We were completely on our own and surrounded by the most amazing scenery. It was stunning and so special to experience this with Ingolf and the girls. I know that alone I would never have wandered off the trail like that and look what I would have missed. In fact if I wasn’t married to Ingolf I wouldn’t even have been wearing the wetsuit or swimming in the loch. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.

It certainly makes you think. Translate that into every day life and you can see how easy it is to cruise through day after day sticking to what you know. My challenge is to take myself off the beaten track more often without being prompted. I love swimming outdoors and feeling so free and at one with nature. Who knows what else I will enjoy once I have pushed those limits again.

By taking a chance and trying something different you can learn a lot about yourself in the process. It is by growing and testing ourselves that we develop and stay young! Maybe there is something that you have always wanted to try and never quite got round to. I know of a lady who just completed a zip wire for the first time in her 70s and is already planning the next one. You hear of marathoners well into their 70s and 80s too. I am not suggesting that we all aspire to join them but I hope that has got you thinking at least!

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