At the start of 2017 I set out my goals for the year and shared these with you all. As we approach the end of June this is a great time to reflect and look at the progress made so far. All too often we set ourselves targets, start full of focus and then berate ourselves at the end of the year for not having met our goals. So what progress have I made so far?

My first project for 2017 was to launch my ’30 Days to Take Control of Sugar’ D-I-Y plan. That has been a great success and I have sold a steady flow of plans. It was interesting that so many people had asked for the 30 day plan and then once launched it was the 8 week Full Plan that proved most popular. A new group started at the beginning of the year and had great results. I have been so pleased with the way that the plans have developed that I have just created a new brand for ‘Take Control of Sugar’ complete with logo, website, Facebook page and a ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ to get it all started. So that ticks the first box for my 2017 plan and a bit more besides.

Next came the pledge that I would build on the success from my 4 Day Festive Fitness Challenge and launch my FitPack at home training plan. This would mean that anyone could train with me. Geography is no longer a limiting factor and the plan can be used as a standalone option or used to supplement your Personal Training sessions. The first FitPack is on sale now and the second about to be recorded. Feedback so far has been great. Clients are using it regularly and seeing big improvements. FitPack 2 will be on sale before the end of July so watch this space.

I made the commitment to create an ‘At Home’ version of my ‘Get Moving’ plan. This will come later in the year as I have more pressing deadlines to meet before I will get to writing the copy for this one. It is still on the plan so keep a look out later this year.

My book was the big commitment for 2017 and I am still on target to publish in September. I have some time scheduled over the summer to get on with the formatting and editing. I intend to self publish but will want an option for a print copy too. I am looking forward to getting on with this project as it is a real labour of love. My book pulls together all of my experience to help you to get fitter and lead a healthier life whilst juggling work, family and all your other commitments. It shows ways to get there and to feel great. There has been a lot of input from you all too with recipes, advice and stories to keep you motivated. You will hear more about this as the year progresses.

At the start of the year I ran a series of ‘Stretch & Relaxation’ classes and talked about running Focus Days later in the year. I was really excited about doing something different and felt that it would complement my other offerings. What I discovered is that it isn’t quite me and that you felt that too. I am still doing some elements of the class and have built it into my 55+ Circuits class over the summer and it forms part of a 90 minute session that I do fortnightly for 2 clients. I am still as passionate about getting you all to stretch more and to take some time out. It is just that sometimes you try things and don’t quite get it right. The Focus days will feature in my plans for the future but I need to go back to the drawing board on that one.

I have also decided not to continue with my Outdoor Bootcamps. After many years of running sessions outdoors I will miss the very different challenge that they bring. The numbers have dwindled over recent months and I now have regular Saturday sessions running that will take priority now. I do have plans to run a Beginners class in the autumn so will be in touch with details nearer the time.

So, all in all it has been a positive start to the year and at the mid point I have already achieved a number of my goals. I am blogging regularly too and have launched my new fit4evermore Challenge Series. These have proved to be great ways to get more people involved and moving and that is what it is all about. 2017 has certainly been a year of change so far with a shift in who I am working with and adding in online options too. I am so fortunate to be doing something that I love and to work with so many amazing people. So thank you all for your support so far and here is the success to come in the next 6 months.

Clare x


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