Why sharing successes is the most effective way to inspire others.

The nights are getting darker and the clocks have just gone back. That means we are really heading into winter and hurtling towards Christmas. It is about now that everyone starts to panic about party outfits and making the most of the 7 weeks or so until the holidays arrive. If you really put your mind to it and plan you have some time to make some real changes before the big event. What I want to do today is to share some of the successes from the last few weeks to inspire you to go out and achieve your goals. Enjoy x

Wow…..It’s time to celebrate!

Get ready to be amazed. The last few weeks have seen a flurry of goals being achieved by established as well as new clients. Things that seemed impossible just a short time ago have been ticked off and work has started towards the next step. It is incredible what a difference a focused approach can make. I love to see clients growing and developing in ways that they didn’t imagine. I may facilitate the process but they put in all the hard work and the well deserved celebration is all theirs.

Having a lost over a stone since Christmas a client ordered a pair of size 14 trousers and despite having looked at them and thought they looked tiny they fitted!

Another client bought a new pair of jeans and is now a 34″ waist. He was so excited he called his wife to let her know.

Anyone who has completed advanced exercises on the TRX with their feet in the straps will know how demanding it is on your back and core. A client has worked hard to build strength after back problems working with a  physio and having sports massage regularly too. Imagine her excitement when she completed 2 sets of exercises with her feet in and her back felt fine!

After a couple of months without running concentrating instead on bootcamp and group cardio training a client ventured out and managed 25 minutes. What an amazing start.

Another client stared with a look of horror and disbelief as I outlined her next tabata set as being a sit up and twist with a 3kg medicine ball, Doubting that she would manage one she went on to complete the lot and is still smiling when she thinks about it.

My 8 week ‘Taking control of sugar’ plan gets you update your measurements at the end of week 4. One client was very excited to discover that she had lost more than 10 centimetres from her waist.

I can’t finish without mentioning one very determined lady who has gone from only being able to swim the odd length of front crawl in the summer to completing a mile(64 lengths) last week. She has stuck at it and worked so hard. Who says it is too late at 50 to start new challenges and go for it.

What I love most is the fact that each one of these achievements is personal to the client and represents their hard work and commitment. Each one has already decided what the next step is and started putting the time towards achieving that too.


If this has got you thinking and you would like to see what you can do, then please call on 07814 788408. If you don’t try you will never know what you could have achieved.

Don’t ever think that Personal Training is too hard or that you won’t be able to do it. It is PERSONAL and my job is to nurture you whatever your starting point may be and wherever you aim to go. Even a couple of sessions can make a huge difference and make it all seem less daunting.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing the successes and have found some inspiration too.

Have a fab week

Clare x

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